Motion to Bury Baby in Lantz Case

Here is the motion asking court permission to bury the mummified remains of the baby found in the storage room of the McHenry County Coroner’s Office by the staff of retired Coroner Marlene Lantz’ successor, Dr. Anne Majewski.

The baby was apparently born thirteen years ago, March 12, 1992, because that date was written on the bag containing the body.

On that date, Crystal Lake Police found a dead baby boy in the restroom of Wag’s Restaurant.  Its gestational age was 7-8 months.  The mother, a married woman, told the police that she had “miscarried.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Combs asks permission to bury the baby in twenty-one days, giving time for Lantz’ attorney to examine the remains of “Baby Reinert.”

Lantz Baby Burial Motion 3-2-15  p1

Lantz Baby Burial Motion 3-2-15  p2


Motion to Bury Baby in Lantz Case — 27 Comments

  1. Don’t the parents have any recourse in this situation ?

    A cardboard box…..shameful…..

    Rest In Peace….Baby Reinert…….

  2. This is terrible.

    Baby Reinert you deserved so much better.

    I hope Lantz gets what she deserves.

    I wonder if that poor little boy was really dead when she miscarried?

    I hope someone looks into this in more detail.

  3. Sounds like a totally different case that what was being posted about before.

    Let the chips fall where they may, if necessary.

  4. How does a cardboard box in a morgue sit around for almost 3 years without being noticed?

    Majewski has been in charge since 2012.

    This whole story is weird.

  5. Joe, we are talking about a 5,000 sq ft cooler.

    Lot’s and lot’s of stuff in it.

    Just like an old closet, you get to it in pieces when you can.

    They have been very busy in that office.

    I can assure you, Lantz NEVER BOTHERED to attempt to clean it.

    Piled up for years.

    I believe evidence is also store there.
    So, Joe, get a clue.

  6. “you get to it in pieces when you can”

    That’s a very nonchalant attitude to have about a morgue.

  7. After 3 years someone found a cardboard box with human infant remains in a cooler?

    What did they think it was, someone’s lunch!

    What the hell is going on over there????????

    As a citizen and taxpayer of McHenry County, I demand an investigation in Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski and her staff for neglect of duty.

  8. You “DEMAND”, Eric lol lol

    The only one who should be investigated is Lantz.

    You are such a dufus and as usual know nothing and it shows in your comments.

    Majewski and her staff most likely were the ones who reported it to the States Attorneys office upon discovery.

    Next time you make a comment know what you are talking about

  9. I know what I am talking about.

    It is called standard practice.

    When I was transfer to take control of the sister corporation, as did Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski took control of the Coroner Department, there are two standard practices that were required if you are a professional.

    The first is to have an audit performed and the second is an inventory of all recorded items, such as in the morgue.

    It is obvious that Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski failed to follow through with her responsibilities as the new administrator when she took control of the Coroner Department.

    Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski should be held accountable for dereliction of duty and she and her staff should be investigated for any other questionable activities of the unknown.

    Something is terribly wrong here and it needs to be looked into.

  10. Audit and inventory, I agree with you on that.

    How do you know this was not done?

    Do you know when this was brought to the attention of the State’s attorneys office by Majewski?

    No you don’t.

  11. Why hasn’t this new info ( the court filing) raised a bunch more questions here?

    Like, the parents were known, were there charges filed back then and if so , was there an appeal of verdict?

    Why would the county tax payers, then or now, be on the financial hook for the burial?

    The parents are known.

    This STILL smells like an open case of some sort, doesn’t it?

    Stop jumping to conclusions or on someone’s back and think for a second

  12. AZsupporter, I have to agree with your observation, as long as it is sincere.

    Who was the police chief in 1992?

    More questions than answers.

  13. Another; why wouldn’t I be sincere?

    Other than in her 30 some-odd years capacity as the county coroner, I don’t know this woman, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

    It just sounds so out of character for her to be this careless, and there just isn’t enough KNOWN info out there yet.

    Just seems like there are too many logical questions one could and should ask before burning someone at the stake like has been done here, figuratively.

  14. Voter is right!

    And there’s A LOT more to this case than what has thus far been publicly reported.

    There will be many more bizarre revelations about the Coroner’s Office under Marlene “Dr. Caligari” Lantz ……….. and like the old Expressionist silent movie, there will be a surprise ending w/ a real twist ……. just not as benign as the old flick!

  15. AZ?

    That was the point before.

    If you had never crossed her path, you might not know that careless and flip would be words that would describe EXACTLY what this coroner was like!

    Thanks for reminding me of that character trait.

  16. Voter, yes I do know the answers to your questions.

    According to the petition above it states that the cardboard box with human infant remains was discovered on the 21st of January 2015.

    Based on this information, an inventory of all recorded items was not performed because the human infant remains would have been discovered at that time three years ago.

    The answer to your second question Voter is according to the petition above it states that the State’s attorney’s office was notified on the same day of discovery, the 21st of January 2015.

    The point that I am trying to make is that this entire tragedy has opened a can of many uncontrollable worms with a number of unanswered questions.

    In my opinion is how can one be held accountable and not the others that are legally responsible for this tragedy.

  17. I like it, Eric. But, you are supposing that the day someone walks into their new “job” that everything was in proper order; and they just had to follow standard protocol to pick up where the old “regime” left off.

    You are forgetting that there was THIRTY years of letting things ‘stack up’.

    It’s like walking into a hoarder’s house and saying that everything should be inventoried.

    I haven’t seen it; but I’m just saying think about what you are believing.

    It may not be possible.

  18. Cindy; you seem to have first hand knowledge, apparently from a prior contact with her in her capacity as coroner.

    Can you provide any specific reasons for your opinion, such as how she was careless or flip in her interaction with you or your family?

  19. Eric, I have a feeling that Lantz isn’t the only one who will be indited over this tragedy.

    Sometimes it only takes a foot in the door to open up many things.

    It is like domino’s

  20. No, AZ. I will not give you specifics.

    I am in over my head already.

    Suffice it to say, ‘Our experience was totally unprofessional, in many different ways.’

    Privately, I would tell you, but not on here.

  21. I had professional contact with Ms. Lantz during the time when she was coroner and I am shocked that people are accusing her of having been slipshod in the performance of her duties.

    I always found her to be a dedicated public servant.

    I also note that she was repeatedly re-electex for over 20 years.

    If things were such a mess, why did that never get publicized during those many elections.

    I can’t help but think this is nothing but an ugly case of politics.

  22. things were a mess but things did not get publicized because they were told not to print things.

    Everything under the rug and cover-ups.

    Nygren controlled everyone.

  23. Think again, N Nelson. I have no dog in this race.

    How is that motivated politically?

    You mentioned professional contact.

    It may not be the same as the heart-wrenching devastation that she brought into personal lives with no thought of what the consequences would be.

    On the election thing – Have you seen our White House?

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