Cary Village Board Write-Ins Work Cary Expo

A press release from Cary Village Board write-in candidates Jim Cosler and Kimberly Covelli:


Jim Cosler and Kimberly Covelli wrapped up the Cary-Grove Area Community Showcase with great results. The two received very positive feedback from the Cary Community regarding their campaign.

Many Cary residents made it very clear they are tired of “politics as usual” in Cary government.

It was apparent residents and business owners are ready for a change.

Cary Write-in Expo Jim Cosler and Kimberly Covelli greet Cary Dad and kids.

Cary Write-in Expo Jim Cosler and Kimberly Covelli greet Cary Dad and kids at Business Expo.

If elected, Cosler and Covelli vow to be the Village Trustees needed to change the “business as usual” mentality. Cosler and Covelli have been ensuring voters they will be the voice of their fellow community members.

Cosler and Covelli need the community’s support on Election Day (April 7th)!

Please remember when going to the polls, WRITE-IN Jim Cosler and Kimberly Covelli for Cary Trustee, as their names will not appear on the ballot!

Cary Write-in banner


Cary Village Board Write-Ins Work Cary Expo — 2 Comments

  1. The people are rising up and allowing their voices to be heard through the power of the vote.

    The vote represents our voices people, so get out on election day and allow your voice to be heard!

    Two more great additions foe the “ILLINOIS TURNAROUND!”

  2. I’m a 55 yr resident of Cary and I live only a 1/2 block West of Maplewood School.

    I’m a retired Deputy U.S. Marshal with 31 years of law enforcment experience including 7 years with the McHenry Co Sheriffs Department, where I rose to the rank of Lieutenant

    I must admit that I have a general dislike for those that pursue political positions.

    I think politics is a dirty, no hold chosen profession.

    Where it seems to me that the phase ” Never let the facts get in the way of a good story” and never tell a potential voter “NO”.

    Use terms like searching for alternative ways and of course one of the best is “establishi9ng a blue ribbon committe”

    I may be interested in allowing a sign in my yard.

    I get a lot of traffic Eastbound on Krenz Ave in the morning. This to avoid the traffic lightat Cary-Algonquin & West Main Street I have been close friends with Jeff Kraus for many years and his parents who reside in FL since the early 1960’s

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