Powell Opposes Tax Hike in Spring Grove

Ryan Powell and Chuck Wheeler at last fall's GOP fundraiser in Lake in the Hills.

Ryan Powell and Chuck Wheeler at last fall’s GOP fundraiser in Lake in the Hills.

Richmond 4 Republican Precinct Committeeman and candidate for Spring Grove Village Trustee Ryne Powell is coming out against a local referendum that would increase local property taxes.

The referendum to be voted on takes place April 7th.

So far, Powell is the only candidate known to have publicly declared his position against the levy increase.

Powell reports that the majority of Spring Grove residents he has spoken to are against the tax hike.

One of the pillars to Powell’s candidacy is to help stop unnecessary tax increases and he views this as one of them.

Powell is going door to door handing out his walk card as well as this leaflet.

Below is the ballot question Spring Grove voters will see. Passage would mean the limits of the Property Tax Cap would be overridden.
SG ref police pension tax 4-15


Powell Opposes Tax Hike in Spring Grove — 6 Comments

  1. Finally, someone with some guts to take a stand against confiscation of our hard earned money!

    Way to go Ryne!

  2. Steve Bishop has been loud and clear opposing the referendum, in fact, he believes it should be lowered.

  3. Kudos to Ryne Powell for taking the lead in Spring Grove for fighting lower taxes.

    It’s a shame so many people think the only way to solve problems is to raise taxes.

    McHenry County is the 29th most expensive county to live in… IN THE UNITED STATES!


    We need new leadership in Spring Grove.

    Glad to know Steve Bishop is also publicly against this tax.

  4. Cal there are 2 mchenry voters.

    One is McHenry voter and the other mchenry voter .

    isn’t this rather too close.

    Just wondering

  5. Thanks Cal, i’ve been McHenry voter for so long and then another just popped up.

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