Rosemary Kurtz’ D155 Palm Card

Campaign literature for the April election is beginning to surface.  (If you see something that has not been published here, please scan and send it or mail it to 275 Meridian St., Crystal Lake, IL 60014).

Here is what former State Rep. Rosemary Kurtz is distributing in her campaign for the Crystal Lake High School Board:

Kurtz, Rosemary palm card frontKurtrz, Rosemary palm card back


Rosemary Kurtz’ D155 Palm Card — 6 Comments

  1. District 155 (Cary Grove High School, Crystal Lake Central High School, Crystal Lake South High School, Prairie Ridge High School, Harbor Oaks alternative school), pays teachers and administrators very well but has very poor board member transparency.

    For example, District 155 does not audio and video tape its board meetings and archive the tapes on its website for taxpayers to view at taxpayer leisure. > Board Members

    Ted Wagner — President
    Dr. Gary R. Oberg, M.D. — Vice-President
    Jim Nelson
    Dave Secrest
    Barbara Slusin
    Ann Somers
    Karen Whitman

    If you know these people, ask them why they don’t audio and video tape board meetings.

    The technology is available.

    Other school boards audio and video tape their board meetings.

    Why the secrecy.

    Which board member is in charge of taxpayer transparency?


    No boards have someone in charge of taxpayer transparency.

    Next subject.

    Teach and administrator pensions.

    Local school districts are part of the system which hiked pensions.

    What happened?

    Local school boards hike salaries.

    State legislators and Governors hiked pension benefits.

    The result is hiked pensions.

    Funding for schools and pensions comes from Federal, State, and Local.

    Instead of money going fully fund pensions, some of the diverted money was used to hike salaries, which hikes pensions.

    The teachers and administrators don’t tell that story.

    The teachers and administrators just say we (teachers and administrators) made our payments into the pension system.

    Therefore, teachers and administrators are not telling the full story.

    Therefore, teachers and administrators are being deceptive.

    Teachers and administrators should be calling out for deceiving taxpayers by not telling the full story.

    Pension benefits should not have been hiked by legislators and Governors over the last 40 years if pensions were already underfunded.

    And pensions were underfunded as legislators and Governors were hiking pension benefits.

    Salaries should not have been hiked over the last 40 years if pensions were already underfunded.

    Rest assured, pension hikes would have been reigned in 40 years ago if teachers and administrators were not getting salary raises because pensions were underfunded.

    In the meantime money was diverted at the State level, from Pension Funding, to General State Aid funding.

    General State Aid Funding gets allocated to local school districts, and some of that GSA money is used for salary and benefit hikes.

    The entire legislative process and funding process for public education is broken in Illinois, and has been broken for 40 years.

    Choices have been made over the last 40 years to provide salary and benefit levels that are not sustainable and never were sustainable at today’s taxation levels.

    Future taxpayer money in the form of property taxes and income taxes was obligated for pensions and retiree healthcare.

    So future taxpayers have to pay their fair share, plus the fair share of past generations.

    If we didn’t have the money in the past, how will we have the money in the future.

    The average taxpayer had no clue and has no clue how much of their future property and income taxes will be diverted to unfunded pension and retiree healthcare.

    Unfunded = IOU.

    Teachers and administrators earn their lifetime employee contributions to their pension fund in the first 1 – 2 years of retirement.

    So when teachers say the State didn’t contribute it’s fair share, maybe part of the problem is teachers and administrators have not been contributing their fair share either.

    Because the TRS pension plan was devised by legislators and Governors.

    Most teachers and administrators don’t retire under the “actuarial method” rather most teachers and administrators retire under the “2.2 method” which was a legislative benefit hike.

    The 2.2 method means teachers and administrators earn 2.2% for each year worked.

    What is the 2.2 method for calculating pensions?

    Here is an oversimplified version, there are all sorts loopholes and exceptions to this scenario, almost all which hike the pension.

    Multiply 2.2% by years worked.

    .022 x # of years worked.

    Call that A.

    Next add up the final 4 years salary.

    Next multiply the final 4 years salary by 75%.

    Call that B.

    A x B = starting pension.

    That is an extremely generous pension plan.

    That pension plan did not always exist in that form.

    Rather, legislators and Governors hiked the benefits to hike the pension.

    Local school board members can’t operate in a vacuum and say we have no control over what the state does.

    Local school board members can’t just rely on the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) to lobby state legislators.

    Local school board members need to explain the above scenario to taxpayers whom elected them.

    Local school board members should put out a paper explaining the scenario.

    Instead of just hiking taxes in a broken system.

    Taxpayers somehow need to get organized.

    Local politicians do this, state does politicians due that, massive IOUs are created in the form of unfunded pension liabilities, unfunded retiree healthcare liabilities, and bond payments.

    Once again let’s keep it simple.

    Unfunded liability = IOU.

    The special interests are organized.

    Michael Madigan (Speaker of the State House of Representatives aka the #1 person in the House), John Cullerton (State Senate President), and Governors are organized.

    Taxpayers are unorganized.

    But at the very least elected board members can audio and video tape board meetings and archive them on their website so taxpayers can learn more about how the locally elected board members are representing taxpayers.

    That’s something that can be done at the local level.

    But CHSD 155 doesn’t even do that.

  2. D155 meetings begin at 7:30 p.m.

    Isn’t that a little past Rosemary’s bedtime?

    What will she do to fill her time between when she leaves the Sizzler early-bird buffet at 4:15 p.m. and the meetings?

  3. It’s not only local and state that is hiding unfunded pension and retiree healthcare liabilities (IOU’s), bond debt, and other debt.

    Here is a summary at the Federal level.

    Truth in Accounting

    US Published National Debt $18,029,000,000,000
    The Truth $86,846,000,000,000
    Your Share $274,000

    That’s $18 Trillion vs $86 Trillion.

    All levels of government are minimizing how much is really owed.

    By the time these IOUs result in too painful current payments, it will be a long period of sustained pain to dig ourselves out.

    You cannot dig yourself ever deeper into a hole for 45 years and climb out in 1 or 2 years.

  4. She’s got too much time on her hands.

    Hasn’t she done enough damage to the area?????

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