Chicago Casino Now for Pensions, Not Education

Pretty much except in Crystal Lake, McHenry County has succumbed to the cries of those who want slot machines on every corner.

Now, a Chicago casino has entered the mayoral campaign with Rahm Emmanuel pushing it as an answer to paying city pensions.

Interesting that pensions are now more important that the previous cover for gambling–education. (I remember when tavern slot machine pusher State Rep. Larry Hicks came to Crystal Lake and was allowed to make his pitch at District 47’s Hussman Elementary School.)

In any event opponents of a Chicago casino weighed in this morning:

Task Force Statement on Emanuel’s Chicago Casino Plan for Illinois

(Chicago, IL…) The following is a statement by Doug Dobmeyer, Spokesperson for The Task Force to Oppose Gambling in Chicago:

The Task Force to Oppose Gambling in Chicago is appalled at Rahm Emanuel’s support of a Chicago casino to relieve a city pension shortfall. For 25 years certain elements in Illinois have advanced a Chicago casino. State government failed to consummate the deal each year.

One of the best designed buttons of the 1990's: CasiNO.There are many people and events that have defeated a casino for Chicago for a quarter of a century.

That coalition of opposition continues to exist.

While this issue has again resurfaced this legislative session, the chances of it being enacted are dim.


There are many reasons, not the least being simple greed and a lack of coherent strategy to make their idea successful.

A Chicago mayor in a desperate battle to retain his job is now saying a Chicago casino will save the city’s pension system while selling out the citizens to gambling bosses.

A short time ago Emanuel favored a Chicago casino to bail out schools.

Now the children needing an education have been junked to bail out a failed pension system.

Tomorrow who knows what the reason de jour will be.

In between education and pensions Emanuel didn’t want a Chicago casino.

The flip flop is truly apparent.

Enmanuel is trying to sail a ship whose time has come and gone.

Emanuel and a few suburban legislators are out of touch with the state’s electorate that does not support the proposed wholesale gambling expansion.

The latest plan calls for casinos in Chicago, South Suburban Cook County, Danville and the Rockford area.

Chicago has proposed the plan of self-ownership and oversight which many find amusing based on the terrible history of financial abuse and scandal in Chicago.  [Hilarious is a more appropriate word than “amusing.”]

Illinois already has ten casinos with several very close to Chicago.

The gambling market is over saturated.

Building a Chicago casino will sink the suburban casinos and cause massive social problems in the city.

A lot of time and money has been wasted with 25 attempts to procure casino for Chicago instead of seeking two strong alternative income increases through a city income tax or a financial tax on stock sales.

While any money raising plan takes a strong effort, raising money through a tax structure offers a better chance of success than games of chance that are skewed to the house.

Proof is in the monthly reports of the Illinois Gaming Board that shows average consistent winning by the house of $100 or more from each customer of Illinois’ current ten casinos.

The Task Force to Oppose Gambling in Chicago will persevere in opposing a casino for Chicago and those opposed will win that battle.”



Chicago Casino Now for Pensions, Not Education — 6 Comments

  1. Casino revenues, property tax hikes, and all the other schemes are not enough to cover the unfunded pension and retiree healthcare and bond debt.

    Spend, promise, and then scramble for revenue is a dysfunctional plan.

    Just like the final episode of the cancelled STARZ series The Boss which featured Kelsey Grammer as Mayor of Chicago, a casino to save the city!

    The Boss series was not kid friendly, lots of inappropriate language and scenes.

  2. The theme song of The Boss.

    Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down by Robert Plant (formerly of Led Zeppelin).

  3. The ghosts of Al Capone and Meyer Lansky must be spinning in their graves of pure excitement and joy.

  4. Where does all the lottery money go?

    not just what is spent on the lottery but also what is collected in taxes from the winners……………….

    who used to be in charge of the Illinois State Lottery………..

    Vallerie Jarrett and guess where she is now?

  5. Chicago casino, no, you watch it will be in Rosemont. Some deal will be made

  6. Doubtful there will be a casino in Rosemont, they were accused of starting construction without proper approvals and didn’t get the license, instead Rosemont built an entertainment complex on the site, Rosemont has moved on from their casino dream, that license went to Des Plaines River Casino which sits within across Devon Ave on a puddle of water (Illinois casinos have to be on water) within eyesight of Rosemont Village hall.

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