Andersson Bills Give More Power to Municipalities & Counties

A press release from State Rep. Steve Andersson:

Andersson’s Municipal Legislation to Move Forward

Representative Steve Andersson passed two bills in committee today.

Both pieces of legislation concern municipalities and work to ensure the most efficient processes and equal practices are applied to these communities.

In the Executive Committee hearing today, a bill amending the state law on the Administrative Adjudication process was passed out of committee unanimously.

This legislation, HB 2745, allows non home rule communities to use an administrative adjudication process to deal with local ordinance violations more effectively.

Administrative hearings like this are more efficient and typically more convenient to residents than requiring residents to go to the circuit court for smaller less serious matters.

“This will save homeowners time and money while insuring that properties are kept well maintained.”

HB 3104 was also presented by Representative Andersson today in the Counties and Townships Committee hearing.

This bill allows appropriations to be used for an immediate emergency to be made with a two-thirds vote of a county board and requires transfers of appropriations regarding personnel and capital projects to be likewise protected by a supermajority vote.

This allows counties more flexibility, to be able to use money where needed while maintaining the bottom line of spending protection.

“This legislation encourages transparency in the municipal budget process.  It is a win for both the tax payers and the municipalities as this allows them to use their budget efficiently while giving the public increased visibility of these spending practices.”

The vote was unanimous for both bills and they will move forward in the House.

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