Free Food Every Friday at Nunda Township

When this photo was taken of the Nunda Township Hall most people were lined up inside.

The Nunda Township Hall.

Again this Friday and every Friday, the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake and the Northern Illinois Food Pantry will distribute free food, including meat, vegetables, dairy products, fruits, deserts and miscellaneous goodies at the Nunda Township Hall.

The truck usually arrives about 10, but has been known to show up closer to 11.

People will be given priority numbers on a first come, first served basis.

For the past many weeks there has been enough food to allow people who wish to go through more than once.

Since the facility is in the middle of pretty much nowhere between Route 31 and the blacktop between Crystal Lake and McHenry, the following map is provided.

Where the Nunda Township Hall is located.

Where the Nunda Township Hall is located.


Free Food Every Friday at Nunda Township — 2 Comments

  1. Last week was my first visit to the hall and although there was some confusion as to when my number was called and someone else going in my place, I ended up being the last person to go threw the line.

    I want to say even being the last person I received some meat, vegetables,bread fruits (lots of fruit) and desserts.

    I also want to say how friendly and courteous everyone was.

    Like I said my first for ever going to a food pantry and I will be going back this Friday (tomorrow) although this time
    I’m going to pay closer attention to the names/numbers being called.

    Thank you so much for doing this for the people that need it.

    Thank you for the volunteers that put up their time to help, I personally appreciate you all.

  2. Debbie I agree that is a super nice place! The people are terrific. It runs very efficiently, I think, and the food quality seems very high. Glad you found it.

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