Rauner Signs Budget Transfer Bill

A press release from State Senate Republican Leader Christine Rodogno:

Radogno: Rauner’s leadership solves budget shortfall

Springfield–By working in good faith across party lines, Governor Bruce Rauner has brought Senate and House lawmakers together to negotiate our state’s first legitimately balanced budget in 12 years, said Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont).

Governor Bruce Rauner signs his first bill.

Governor Bruce Rauner signs his first bill.

“Governor Rauner’s consistent effort to work collaboratively with Senate and House leaders to develop a bipartisan solution to plug the state’s $1.6 billion budget hole represents a small, but significant step forward,” said Sen. Radogno.

“This historic legislation serves as a model for everyone under the Dome on how bipartisan cooperation can begin solving the state’s short and long-term budget problems.”

While the Emergency Budget Act fixes the immediate problems by preventing job losses for court reporters and corrections workers, and service interruptions for child care programs, Sen. Radogno stressed that going forward, the state needs real, fundamental reform, instead of continuing to rely on emergency measures and stop-gap solutions that have dominated state government for more than a decade.

Senate Republicans underscored the bipartisan, bicameral process that produced the current budget agreement should be used as a template for future negotiations.

Working together, keeping the priorities of Illinois’ families in mind, and identifying areas to cut and reform will be critical to addressing the state’s most difficult challenges:

  • a struggling jobs climate
  • a growing multi-billion dollar bill backlog
  • staggering pension debt
  • the nation’s worst credit rating
  • some of the country’s highest property taxes
Christine Radogno

Christine Radogno

“This legislation is certainly not ideal for anyone—the cuts will be painful—but it is a key step and critical hurdle that we must overcome to move forward,” said Sen. Radogno.

“After weeks of negotiations with the Governor to fix the fiscal problems he inherited, we have finally come to an agreement that protects the state’s top priorities from the worst of the cuts, without new borrowing or tax increases.”


Rauner Signs Budget Transfer Bill — 1 Comment

  1. That is the way to do it.

    No higher taxes and NO borrowing.

    This is why he was elected for having common sense and not being a beholding politician to sell the public down the road.

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