Cary Write-In Candidates See Growing Support

A press release from Cary Village Board write-in candidates Jim Cossler and Kim Covelli:
Support Growing from the Cary Business Sector

Like Time for Change in Cary!!

We are grateful for all of the support we’ve received since announcing our write-in candidacy. Cary residents and businesses have made it clear to us they are tired of status-quo in our Village.

They are tired of being told one thing by the Mayor and Village Board only for something else to happen.

Cary residents keep saying they want a community friendly town to call home.

Residents want property taxes reduced by adding and supporting local business.

There are significant decisions approaching us.

One of those being the Maplewood Property.

This is the property next to the train station, which is a prime downtown area.

A proposal for this property recently included the idea of putting approximately 250 high density apartments in this property.

It’s become clear from the residents we’ve talked to, the overwhelming majority DON’T want more high density residential.

Residents would like to see a downtown area they are PROUD of!

We can assure you with great confidence we will be the voice of the people!

We will make it a priority to make our local government transparent and look to the community for their stance before any major changes are implemented!

We feel this is something our current Mayor and Village Board doesn’t do.

We’ve seen major changes to our Village, even with major opposition from the community.

This is not how we will operate!

Thank you for your support and please remember to WRITE-IN Jim Cosler & Kimberly Covelli for the change we need in Cary!

Below is a letter of support from Swiss Automation, a company that employs over 60 people at its Cary location.

Cary write-in Swiss Automation letter


Cary Write-In Candidates See Growing Support — 2 Comments

  1. If taxes were not so high there would be less of a need for affordable housing.

    School districts in general do not prefer apartment complexes as they generate less revenue for the school district than other types of structures, although school districts generally will not publicly speak against such projects.

    The government is constantly looking for revenue and methods to hike salaries and benefits.

    The increase of affordable housing in the suburbs coupled with tearing down low income high rises in Chicago has also resulted in the spreading of subsidized housing throughout Chicagoland instead of such a high concentration in the inner city.

    For some people this type of housing helps them move out of shared housing situation into a unit of their own, and in a community such as Cary, often to a safer neighborhood.

  2. Clearly no urban planning experts were consulted.

    If so, this development would have been placed in a higher income area.

    In fact, it was placed in an area where the residents have little political clout and are working hard to keep their families in tact and neighborhoods safe.

    Our town should be supporting their efforts and not undermining them.

    This location would have been perfect for a high end condo development that would have anchored the neighborhood.

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