Lakewood Incumbent Gary Sexson Distributes Campaign Piece

Below you can read what incumbent Lakewood Village Trustee Gary Sexson is distributing to voters in his campaign for re-election.

(If the other incumbents would like be to post their campaign literature or, for that matter, any other McHenry County candidate, just email it to me or drop it off on my porch at 275 Meridian Street (on the northeast corner of Lake Avenue.)

Lakewood Village Trustee Gary Sexson is distributing this campaign piece.

Lakewood Village Trustee Gary Sexson is distributing this campaign piece.

There would have been no need for the three incumbents up for election–Sexson, Ken Santowski and Carl Davis–to campaign were it not for the write-in campaign of Paul Serwatka.

New information–at least to me–in the piece is that the SportsPlex is currently dead.

The last meeting I attended that was not the case.


Lakewood Incumbent Gary Sexson Distributes Campaign Piece — 13 Comments

  1. If the TIF is done, the write-in can’t stop that.

    If the SportsPlex is dead, the write-in can’t stop that.

    He has no issues as he is only running on two, now, non-issues.

    No reason remains to elect him.

  2. Key term: “currently dead”.

    Like a zombie, I expect the SportsPlex to magically live again — as soon as the election is over!

    Let’s see:

    * The board held a series of public meetings about the TIF and the SportsPlex.
    * At the meetings, the Board insisted the SportsPlex was a great project.
    * The Board issued a phony declaration the area for the SportsPlex is “blighted”
    * The Board paid for a sham opinion from a sham consultant that a TIF was needed.
    * The Board voted to create a $66 million TIF district for the SportsPlex

    And NOW, MAGICALLY, the project is “dead” and we should trust this Board to not make bad decisions regarding the TIF?

    I was born at night, but I wasn’t born last night.

  3. Ted, you are not telling the truth and you know it. There is still time to act.

    First, the Board could actually rescind their action and un-make the TIF district.

    Second, with taxpayer watchdogs like Paul Serwatka on the board, we have a chance no further stupid actions will be taken, like issuing $66 million in bonds.

    Without people like Paul, it’s Katy-bar-the-door business as usual.

    As for the SportsPlex, I have this funny feeling that the day after the election it will suddenly be “un-dead”.

    And as for there being no issues, Paul is running against the process, which was like the dirtiest Chicago-style politics. This board has proven they will bend and twist the law to suit their purposes. We need people like Paul on the board to watch out for the taxpayers.

  4. Erin Smith told us five years ago that the Sportsplex was a “done deal”.

    Obviously not true.

    Erin Smith had recently told a Lakewood resident that the Sportsplex was a “done deal” and that resident assumed that meant that land was already purchased by Sportsplex. (BTW, no land contracts have even been SIGNED according to the landholders!!)

    Obviously, again not true.

    And NOW Gary Sexson wants us to believe his statement that the Sportsplex is DEAD!

    AND Erin Smith says that when the Sportsplex presents their business plan, the board will take it “into consideration”!

    And you expect me to believe ANYONE on the current Lakewood board?

    Like Steve, I may have been born at night but certainly not last night.

  5. Mr. Smith(or should I say trustee Gary Sexson?) Referring to page 2 of the most recent, Spring 2015, Village newsletter, Village President Erin Smith, referring to the Sportsplex, states

    “Discussions are now underway between the developer and Village staff. Once staff believes that there is a redevelopment agreement that is in the best interests of the Village of Lakewood, it will be brought forward for consideration by the board of trustees.”

    I am told that Village President Smith has also since indicated that YOUR (I mean Gary Sexson’s)statement was in fact misleading and that in fact we do not YET have a redevelopment agreement in place, but, that one IS currently being worked on.

    I find it quite disturbing, Mr. Sexson (I mean Mr. Smith) how uncomfortable you become when a little light is shined upon you , and the fact that you resort to outright lying when you’re threatened speaks volumes as to your character.

    Paul Serwatka will bring truth and transparency to the Lakewood Village Board, so perhaps you SHOULD be nervous.

  6. Why was a tif necessary in order to put in a gas station?

    Was this gas station willing to site there without a tif?

    This is all discoverable.

  7. If Teddy boy says there’s no need for Paul Serwatka as a write-in candidate,


    Some of these people are like little girls in a sandbox!

    The Lakewood Board are PROVEN to be untrustworthy and we can’t believe a word they say!

    They all want to be in land speculation with someone else’s money.

    That’s NOT their job.

    Must be all those ‘perks’ that make it worth having your dignity and reputation soiled.

  8. LMAO, can’t these bumbling idiots get their stories straight?! …

    or has the fear of the Write-in with punch and a following, got them all tripping over themselves and running into each other like the Three Stooges they are.

    We’ve all seen this episode.

    Let’s not be subject to reruns!

  9. Steve, stop with the personal attacks.

    I am not lying.

    The TIF has been passed.

    Is it possible to repeal?

    Sure it is possible.

    However, in the best case scenario the vote would be 2-5 in favor of repeal.

    It is not going to be repealed.

    Where do you get the figure $66 million in bonds?

    The maximum expected incremental revenue resulting from the TIF is $66 million.

    That is not the same thing as bonding (I know you know this as you are a smart man with bonding background).

    There is no one anywhere talking about bonding for that kind of money.

    I still contend that the write-in is moot.

    He will not be able to effect change on the TIF and the best information we have is that the Sportsplex is currently dead.

    I assume that neither Mr. Wilson or Mr. “McHenry” are against bringing businesses into the Village.

    I assume that the write-in is not against village businesses either.

    The write-in is for nothing….only running negative pieces.

  10. There has been no indication in the press, on the website, word from the Chicagoland Sportsplex management (Lou Tenore, Enrico Heirman, Dave O’Brien, Michael Turner, and Dan Evans) or mention on the Village of Lakewood website that the Sportsplex project is dead.

    Or anywhere else for that matter other than the lone comment above, which appeared one week before the election of which the Sportsplex risks have been made a campaign issue by a non encumbent candidate.

  11. J. Carl Davis and Gary Sexson –

    Your hyperbole and non-sequiturs regarding the sportsplex have allowed me to conclude that you do not represent the people of Lakewood in good faith.

    Therefore, I voted for Paul Serwatka today.

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