Two Billboards for WL Grade School Challengers

WL Sch Bd ballot 2015There is a hot contest for Wonder Lake’s Harrison School District 36 Board.

A slate containing Bob Anderson, David Yang and Cliff Leegard are challenging the folks who currently control the school board. Anderson and Yang are Republican Precinct Committeemen. Anderson is running for a two-year term; Leegard and Yang for four-year terms.

They intend to push to consolidate the one-school district with a larger one.

They are running against Karen Parks, Mark Nothdorf and Laurie Alsot.  Parks, Nothdorf and Alsot are incumbent board members.  All are running for four-year terms

Kelly Didier is running as a write-in against Anderson for the two-year slot.

New to school board politics in McHenry County is the billboard you see below, paid for by Lakewood Flooring, LLC.

These three men are running for Wonder Lake's Harrison School Board--Cliff

These three men are running for Wonder Lake’s Harrison School Board–Cliff

Billboards like this are located on Barnard Mill Road and East Wonder Lake Road.

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