ECC Board Candidate Sends Email

Robert Getz, who is not in the ruling faction of Elgin Community College, sent this email in support of his campaign for re-election:

Bob Getz – We Can Do It Better

Robert Getz

Robert Getz

I’ve been your Trustee at Elgin Community College for the past 12 years and this is my last campaign.

The College is in great shape but we can do better.

One of our Student Trustees, Dustin Good, has given me the incentive to move forward in this campaign:

“It would be an honor to provide my endorsement.

“My time as a student trustee was a whirlwind but one of the lasting impressions was your approach.

“By far and away the most consistent and comprehensive trustee.

“While other trustees were literally sleeping on the job you were setting aside time to meet with me and discuss my potential path towards U-W Madison.

“The least I can do is offer my endorsement.”

ECC Ballot 2015

Three people are running for two openings on the Elgin Community College ballot. Besides incumbent Bob Getz, incumbent Donna Redmer is on the ballot. Newcomer Jeffrey Meyer is running as well.

There are 12 issues where I believe we should move forward:

  • Reduce your Real Estate Taxes — Immediately Reduce College Bookstore Prices by 5%
  • Stop the state from having you pay for the Pension Problem — Support 4-Year Degrees at ECC
  • Eliminate Attempts to Privatize the Workforce — Establish an Ecological Area on the ECC Campus
  • Have the State fund its Veterans Education Benefits — Develop a “Buy American” Initiative
  • Prevent International Students from Displacing Local Students — Reinstate a Dollar Saving Wind Turbine
  • Establish Additional Local ECC Campuses — Eliminate Increased Tuition for Illinois Students Who Cross Borders

Click here for details on these issues —

In Addition, I Voted No to Excess Pay/Benefit Increases for the President to Avoid a COD Situation at ECC.

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Getz is the only community college trustee I’ve heard of who regularly communicates with his constituents through email.


ECC Board Candidate Sends Email — 1 Comment

  1. Jeffrey Meyer is the only acceptable fiscally conservative candidate in this race.

    Meyer is a practing attorney and chairman of the Elgin Township Republicans.

    Meyer has my full endorsement and has been faithfully commited to the conservative movement for years.

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