GOP Holding After Election Party April 16th

Although there are no partisan races on the ballot on April 7th, Republican Precinct Committeemen are distributing literature for various candidates.

One of the goals of newly-elected Chairman Sande Salgado is to encourage participation in all elections.

Here is her message about a party being given two Thursdays after election day.

We want to see everyone out for some fun!

This is a great opportunity to get our group together for some socializing and also to get volunteers for Parades and the County Fair.  This year we will be organized and have a great presence throughout the county.

We also have the Crystal Lake Expo right around the corner so if you are interested in manning the booth, please contact Mike Shorten.

Thank you for all your hard work as I know many of you are out walking for school and municipal boards!

Keep it up!

Proud to be your Chairman!


GOP invite 4-16-15


GOP Holding After Election Party April 16th — 15 Comments

  1. Didn’t recieve any help from Sandra Salgado or others in the party.

    Andrew Gasser should be president!

  2. Ryne you didn’t recive any help?

    Did you know the party bylaws do not allow them to help you in a nonpartisan race.

    you clearly have no idea what you are speaking about.

  3. Andrew has been very involved with supporting conservative candidates, he has also been involved with brining new people to the party.

    I’m informed on the bylaws

    Im a Pc so I do have an idea of what I’m talking about

  4. Consolidated elections are the most important for making change locally.

    I thought the party and more pcs could have gotten involved to “support” fellow conservatives.

  5. Hypocrisy Police – I’ve gotta disagree with you on this.

    The party may not be able to endorse or campaign in an official capacity as “the McHenry County Republican Party” but there is nothing that would prohibit individuals from the party to get out and support/campaign for any candidate. Just as we all do in every primary election.

    It’s really just a matter of whether or not those individuals truly care about effecting better government or not.

  6. I have to agree with Ryne & Paul. In the beginning, it was about bringing Republican candidates to our local boards, library, school, villages.

    When it came time to help out, there were very few involved with local races.

    Andrew Gasser was one of those people.

    He has not stopped trying to help out people locally win elections.

    Go Ryne!

    Go Paul!

    Thank you Andrew Gasser for helping!

  7. Ryne Powell, the former rising star of the McHenry County Republican Party and darling to conservatives, who shot himself in the foot by letting everyone know how truly ungrateful and insolent he is.

  8. Or did you think that party politics were something where you do just put your name on the ballot and county Republicans will bend over backwards to help you?

    Did you ever stop to think that nearly everyone involved in countywide politics is a volunteer, and like all volunteers, they only help people they like and believe in?

    What have you done for me to believe in you?

  9. Also, Ryne, the most heartfelt advice I can give you (other than to apologize and skulk away) is to ditch the earring.

    You’re a grown man.

    You need to present yourself like one before we take you seriously.

  10. This is a blog anyone is free to post their opinions.

    I wasn’t trying to insult anyone Sandra seems to be a great lady and has been very respectful to me.

    I’m personally concerned for the future of the party.

    There seems to be a lack of Unity and direction.

  11. Chances are if you are around Space Cowboy (aka. Tom Stark or Alex Rogers) then your time has been wasted.


  12. Ryne you truly have no idea what you arespeaking about.

    The bylaws clearly state that party officals cannot support candidates in these elections,as for support and unity,let’s lay out what party has done this past year

    1.In one year raised more money and spent it on republican candidates than party had done in 10 years combined.

    2.Highest pc slots filled in 10 year and no this is not from any single persons work it’s from a group effort

    3.highest attended events in 10 years

    4. Most interaction between party candidates

    the list goes on and on

    what have you done?

    Really please tell us.

    Barking and complaining fixes nothing and only further exasperated the problem.

    a load us moved with work not words.

  13. Precinct committeeman worked to get others elected to their seats, sheriff, county board, etc.

    When it comes time to reciprocate that hard work from the now elected officials?


    It seems there was only one who was willing to help out local candidates, Andrew Gasser.

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