Tina Hill’s Election Choices

One of the voters in Tina Hill’s Dorr 9 precinct dropped off a copy of her pre-election letter.

Hill Precicnt letter 3-15For the Woodstock City Council, County Board member Hill recommends

  • Maureen Larson (incumbent)
  • Mark Salidin (incumbent)
  • Dan Hart (newcomer)

It contains endorsements for the McHenry County College Board:

  • Ron Parrish
  • Mike Smith
  • Karen Tirio

Below is the top of her envelope:
Hill Precicnt letter 3-15 envelope


Tina Hill’s Election Choices — 1 Comment

  1. Which councilperson pushed the repeal of Woodstock’s leash law (dogs, that is)?

    Who voted for and against?

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