Rosemary Kurtz Sends Get Out the Vote Email

Here’s an email that District 155 School Board candidate Rosemary Kurtz is distributing:

Kurtz, Rosemary palm card frontFriends and Community Members,
Your child’s future, as well as our community’s well-being, is threatened by the District 155 School Board’s careless spending of almost two million dollars in frivolous law suits, building zoning violation fines, and an oversized stadium.  In taking these actions the Board also chose to ignore the concerns of property owners, taxpayers, and other elected officials. Your support on Election Day this TuesdayApril 7this necessary to put a stop to this downward spiral that will hurt us all.
Specifically, you deserve a District 155 Board that will use taxpayer funds prudently, make sure District 155 works on behalf of the community, and provides quality education that is critical to our community’s well-being.
This Tuesday, April 7, your vote for me, Rosemary Kurtz, is needed so I can provide experienced independent leadership to represent you.  In representing you, my goals for the District 155 School Board are:
  • Ensure that education is the #1 priority.
  • Stop unnecessary tax levy increases.
  • Improve fiscal oversight by supporting only balanced budgets.
  • Promote open transparent board practices and cooperation with municipalities.
As we know, elections are all about turnout and municipal elections like this are notorious for low voter turn out. This is so ironic when one considers that the outcome of this election will have the greatest direct impact on our lives when it comes to our tax bill and how our taxes will be used.
I want to be a voice of reason in supporting quality education and fiscal restraint—but I need your support in order to represent you and the best interests of our community.
Please get out and vote this Tuesday, April 7th and bring a friend and/or a family member to vote for me. The stakes have never been higher.
If you have questions about my stances on issues please check my candidate questionnaire posted at the Northwest Herald:
The polls are open from 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. Each voter must vote at his/her precinct pollingplace. If you are not sure of your polling place location go to:
Thank you for your consideration in voting for me for the District 155 School Board.
Rosemary Kurtz


Rosemary Kurtz Sends Get Out the Vote Email — 4 Comments

  1. Best of luck Rosemary.

    You have our votes.

    Responsibility to the taxpayers need to be put back into D155

  2. Well… I never saw an answer to a previous comment.

    Should older, retired senior citizens be required to continue full payment of very costly school district taxes until they die?

    Is enough ever enough?

    I guess not.

  3. School taxes have been general taxes since at least the 1870 State Constitution was approved.

    To turn them into user taxes would require a change in the 1970 State Constitution.

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