Serwatka Sends Morning Email

When I opened my computer this election day, I found the following from Lakewood write-in candidate Paul Serwatka:

erwatka email eledftion day

Inspired by the neighbor who told me, this morning, that he was looking forward to writing me in TOMORROW….

I thought I’d remind everyone that TODAY is election day!

For those who believe the Lakewood Village Board could use a bit more transparency, I promise you, unequivocally, I will bring an entirely NEW level of TRUTH,TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY to the Lakewood Village Board!

I hope you will support my efforts to do so.

IF you, or anyone you know, needs help getting to the polls, my mobile number is 815.388.8000. I will be happy to accommodate.

Working for better government,

Serwatka write-iun instructions


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