Spring Grove Election Results, Referendum Fails

The election results for the Village of Spring Grove can be seen below:

SG election results election night 7 of 7

Winners were

  • Randy Vinyard
  • incumbent Jim Anhalt
  • Ron Kopke

Losing were

  • Ryne Powell
  • Steve Bishop
  • Ted Trzaskowski

The other election was a referendum to impose a police pension tax.

It failed overwhelmingly:

The referendum to impose a police pension tax failed almost 4-1.

The referendum to impose a police pension tax failed almost 4-1.


Spring Grove Election Results, Referendum Fails — 5 Comments

  1. The stuck on stupid Spring Grove.

    Vote down the tax proposition but vote in the people that want to raise your taxes and take more of what you earn.

    I guess the voters of Spring Grove can’t grasp that concept.

  2. The village voted to elect the leaders who have made this a great place to live.

    Those very leaders that had the courage to put the issue on the ballot, make people aware of the continuing struggle of small villages in Illinois, and risk losing to qualified candidates.

    Unfortunately there were no qualified candidates with experience that could match the years of service and experience on the winning ballot.

    Where do you live Uppity…. in a cave?

  3. Miss Uppity – You clearly are uneducated.

    Not one Board member wants to raise taxes and the “anti-tax” candidates couldn’t justify their platform, so the residents of Spring Grove clearly spoke.

    You should only post facts and it’s clear you do not have them.

    Yes, the residents voted down the tax referendum – but just like the referendum – the people had the choice to vote for the 3 best qualified candidates and it’s obvious that the people spoke.

    Powell and Bishop were “anti-tax” or as Powell’s sign said “No Tax”, however they were not qualified and gained no confidence from the residents.

    It’s clear – voters were smart yesterday.

    Have a nice day Miss Uppity.

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