Turnout 11%

Votes being cast at the Crystal Lake Park District's Main Beach House.

Votes being cast at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach House.

McHenry County voters stayed home in droves on April 7th.

Only 10.9% of those registered to vote did so.

That’s about 22,496 people.

In a two-way race, that means just over 5% of the voters could decide who rules.

In a four-way race with three to be elected to a village board, 3% of the people could make the decisions.


But with the emphasis on McHenry County Blog, I would assume virtually every local reader went to the polls.

Thanks for doing so.


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  1. Since you know how to access information, was the turn out better in Kane County than in McHenry?

  2. Pathetic is right.

    Do not bitch or complain if you (the 89%) did not vote.

  3. I’m gonna quit voting.

    I got the same as what the nonvoters got.


  4. It was not easy going out door to door and handing out material

    I am really disappointed.

    I had hoped for a better turn out.

    We have to do something to encourage people to vote.

  5. Watch you school taxes go up, even though the number of students is going down.

  6. I voted at 11:00 AM and was the 22nd person in Alden Twp to do so.

  7. I can’t really say that I’m surprised.

    Our population has decreased, and many of those that are here don’t intend to stay.

    I honestly wish that I could convince more people to vote, and I have tried very hard, but apathy is a characteristic of a populace that has no roots in the local community.

  8. I am determined to build a data base of my area both Marengo 3 and 4 with phone numbers and email addresses.

    We don’t have enough access to people to get them information on the important issues and the people running for offices and then follow it up in person.

  9. Everyone, at one time or another, finds their issue du jour and gets involved.

    Whether its your kids going to school and you finally realize all the money spent goes to spiked pensions and unions rather than the teachers and classroom or you get your tax bill in a downward trending economy and it STILL is creeping ever upward everyone gets motivated at one time or another.

    The Tea Party was the latest evolution of pop politics and its adherents are, for the most part, discouraged and sidelined again.

    The reason why long term politicians could care less what the fad political movement of the moment has to say is the thermodynamics of people always trends toward the status quo of inactivity and not caring.

    So many well intentioned people start off on fire and burn out in a very short period of time.

    This is a war, not a battle.

    There are superhuman players on all sides of every issue and unless you’ve been playing for quite some time you will be used, not appreciated.

    It takes years to get a seat at the table and years more to even understand than seat is wired to train you a certain way rather than allow you to freely speak.

    Apathy is easy.

    People are listless, lazy and short sighted.

    Most can’t even wait a year for their first raise at work.

    Why would they even remotely try to understand a game being played for eons at a very high level.

    I pray Paul will stick when he realizes, after his first board meeting where everyone will pay homage to his insanely amazing victory, he won’t be able to wrest control of the ship and turn it on a dime.

    This is a long term fight.

    Nothing will happen overnight.

    Madigan has worked diligently for forty years to reach the very pinnacle of power.

    Will you work for forty years to undo his nightmare dystopia?


    You are welcome to the fight if you have the guts.

    If you just vote and get your two neighbors to vote too you will do more in your life than 95% of the rest of the planet.

    Good luck to all the winners and losers yesterday.

    The work carries on….

  10. Fewer people voting gives more voting power to the special interest groups.

    There will be more pressure by the special interest groups, administrations, and boards to hike property taxes due to existing unfunded pension liabilities (and to a lesser extent unfunded retiree healthcare liabilities), bond debt, TIFs, and the expired income tax hike.

    Be on the lookout for the issuance of non-referendum bonds by local property taxing districts including working cash bonds and life safety bonds, and re-fundings / refinances which provide creative short term easing of debt repayments by extending the repayment term or other gimmicks.

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