Probe of Kane County Deputy Sheriff Kim Zinke Confirmed

The Illinois State Police has confirmed that Kane County Deputy Sheriff Kim Zinke is under investigation.

The First Electric Newspaper has addition information, which can be found here.

Andy Zinke, his wife Kim and a son stand before an American flag in this campaign GOP Sheriff's Primary Election mailing.

Andy Zinke, his wife Kim and a son stand before an American flag in this GOP Sheriff’s Primary Election mailing.

Zinke is the wife of former McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke.

Kim Zinke used to work for the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.


Probe of Kane County Deputy Sheriff Kim Zinke Confirmed — 14 Comments

  1. Well surprise surprise.

    Don’t think so.

    Now it’s Zinke, Zinke, and Nygren .

  2. We are starting to behave just like them.

    I say leave her alone.

  3. Skeptic – I guess we should have left Greg Pyle alone, as well.

    Undersheriff Zinke referred to Pyle’s pedophilia as “a domestic incident”.

    Your comment was not worth the effort you put into the key strokes.

  4. Mrs. Zinke was never a political target associated with any race in McHenry county.

    She is, however, a public servant.

    As such, she is to be held to the standards for public servants.

    Assuming there was misconduct, the State Police will address it.

    As far as skeptic goes, this is an action being taken in a different county by people separate from McHenry county!

    It’s only a story here because she was quite vocal in Andy’s campaign.

    I’m sure if you were at the parade you would appreciate her diction and commitment to class.

    Perhaps this is what happens to people that are so above the law when they think they have no consequences for their conduct.

    If there is no evidence she will be returned to her job.

    If there is supporting evidence, she should at a minimum be fired and charged,

  5. Public servant?

    Looks like she served herself!………….

    hey, Mr. Skeptic, do you really feel Mrs. Zinke should get immunity?

  6. Golly gosh Kimmy, what domino might you be?

    Hmmmmmmmmm Drum roll please……………………………….

    Whatsa matter so many dominoes you can’t count fast enough?

    Or, is your vision blurry from all of that fun you been haven?

    May the Zinke clan, start disclosing all of the important facts pertaining to the merry go ride they’ve been on, while attending that circus of theirs.

    It is no wonder, that Andy likes to be a clown.

    What does that make you Kimmy in the whole scheme of things?

    I hear they serves lot’s of gravy and popcorn, at that circus of yours.

    Are you serving up a big fat scoop of gravy for all the popcorn?

    Gosh, wouldn’t want to be at that circus. Coming soon at an Illinois theatre near you!

  7. It’s a shame that the kids have to suffer over their parents decisions

  8. Many had hoped Andy and his spouse would take the high ground when he became Undersheriff but unfortunately they did not.

    The incidents at the parade spoke volumes about their character and an insight into their behavior.

    I am sure Andy wishes he would have stayed on patrol.

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