Proposal to Raise Pay, End Mileage for ZBA

The McHenry County Board is moving toward raising the pay of Zoning Board of Appeals members, but plan to eliminate mileage.

What’s the reason?

The memo gives this reason:

According to County Administration, processing mileage reimbursement payments for the ZBA creates additional burden for payroll processing. County Administration recommends that per diem rates for the Zoning Board of Appeals be increased by $15.00 per meeting and that the Zoning Board of Appeals chairman and members no longer receive mileage reimbursement for attending hearings. The ZBA will remain entitled to receive mileage reimbursement for zoning petition site visits.

Former County Board member Kathy Bergan Schmidt suggested eliminating mileage for County Board members at a Human Resources meeting early this month.

She did not suggest raising their salaries to compensate for the loss of mileage reimbursement.

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