Bill Allowing No Bids on Big Township Purchases

Here’s a bill sponsored by Lake County’s State Senator Terry Link that, if enacted, will probably lead to a scandal or two:

Senate Bill 374

Terry Link

Terry Link

Amends the Township Code. Provides that any purchase of equipment by a township from a single source in excess of $20,000 may be entered into by the township board without advertising for bids by a majority vote of 4 of the 5 members of the township board then holding office and the adoption of a resolution to that effect.

There is no House sponsor yet.


Bill Allowing No Bids on Big Township Purchases — 3 Comments

  1. Meddling with Township Law by Springfield has removed most voter involvement with the management of Townships to the detriment of all.

  2. Completely true.

    I first noticed it after township voters took over meetings in Algonquin and Nunda Townships in the early 1970’s.

    Soon thereafter the Township Officials got legislation passed that took away the power of the electors to approve or disapprove budgets, giving it to the township boards.

  3. The bill passed the Senate 46-0 on April 23, 2015 with NV (those not voting) from Bennett, Bertino-Tarrant, Clayborne, Connelly, Hutchinson, Kotowski, Morrison, Murphy, Noland, Righter, Silverstein, Stadelman, & Senate President John Cullerton.

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