Info re Kim Zinke from Kane County Sheriff

Kim Zinke

Kim Zinke

Word reached McHenry County Blog that the Woodstock home of Kane County Deputy Sheriff Kim Zinke and former McHenry County Undersheriff Andy Zinke was searched by law enforcement personnel.

I’ve been searching for documents that would confirm or show this verbal report inaccurate.

In the process I have received replies to Freedom of Information requests from the Kane County Sheriff’s Department and the Illinois State Police.

I shall share the relevant parts of their replies.

First the answer from the Kane County Sheriff’s Department:

  • The position she was most recently assigned –  Records / Evidence.
  • When she was put on leave – 4-21-2015
  • Whether that leave is paid or unpaid – Paid administrative leave.
  • Any affidavit issued to obtain permission for a search warrant relating to Kim Zinke – No records pursuant to your request.
  • Any search warrant relating to Kim Zinke in your department’s possession – No records pursuant to your request.

The reply from the State Police will appear in a subsequent article.


Info re Kim Zinke from Kane County Sheriff — 7 Comments

  1. Now that it’s apparent that this freak show and his wife will never serve on a police force again or in government, gawking at their train wreck is a little saddening.

  2. I agree with rawdogger.

    The people of McHenry had a great victory with the election of Bill Prim!

    These developments are sad.

    Nevertheless, we need to move forward and be inclusive to include the diverse views within the Republican Party in McHenry County.

    Had the division been eliminated from the party we could do so much more.

    The Zinkes are paying a price for poor judgment and potentially criminal conduct.

    We must all remember that Mrs. Zinke has not been charged with anything.

    All that has occurred is that Law Enforcement is conducting an investigation.

    I would hope that if exonerated the same attention would be applied to that as well.

    However, if charged and convicted Mrs Zinke made her own bed and will sleep in it.

  3. She was assigned to the records and evidence dept.????????

    That may tell you something.

    was she getting rid of evidence or records?

    You don’t search a home for nothing.

  4. Perhaps Cal should have directed his FOIA request to the state police and not Kane County.

    I think I previously read they were conducting the investigation.

    Just sayin.

  5. The State Police will claim criminal investigation exemption anyway.

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