Bragging about My Niece Sarah Peters

Statue by Sarah Peters

Astonished woman by Sarah Peters

My number two niece, Sarah Peters, is a sculptor.

Today a review of her latest show made the New York Times.

My favorite is one of a woman who looks astonished.

When I first saw a photo from her proud mom, Jan Patel, it was close to Easter.

My take was that it could be one of the women who went to Jesus’ tomb and found it empty.

Now, NYT reviewer Ken Johnson gives his view.

Woman in anguish.

Woman in anguish.

Five of this tall bearded man have sold.  No more will be produced.

Man with a long beard.

He calls her creations “haunting,” saying she  “scores an aesthetic hat trick: making works that appear antique, Modern and post-Modern all at once.”

Johnson thinks another woman is “singing or violently crying.”

He says, “All look as if they’d been made 2,000 or more years ago in Greece, Mesopotamia or Egypt and unearthed by modern archaeologists…

“These heads appear lively and freshly contemporary in their sophisticated play with familiar sculptural traditions, and they have a mysterious emotional expressivity.”

Sarah’s web page is here.  Click on the thumb nails of her other work.


Bragging about My Niece Sarah Peters — 4 Comments

  1. I believe your niece is going to do very well for herself!

    Just awesome!

    Might even be NY Democrat Aristocrats that pour money into the Skinner blood line!
    Cal will be spinning in his grave!! LOL

    Nice story.

  2. It figures, David Bachmann, that republicans first thoughts are money, not the beauty and universality of art.

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