State Police Answers to FOIA Request re Kim Zinke

The Illinois State Police provided no answers to the following two questions submitted as Freedom of Information requests:

  • any affidavit issued to obtain permission for a search warrant relating to Kim Zinke,
  • any search warrant relating to Kim Zinke in your department’s possession.
The address side of Andy Zinke's last mailing in his campaign for McHenry County Sheriff shows three children and his wife.

The address side of Andy Zinke’s last mailing in his campaign for McHenry County Sheriff shows three children and his wife Kim.

The reason for providing no information can be seen below:

…the Illinois State Police Freedom of Information Officer, Lieutenant Steve Lyddon, is denying your request for the reasons outlined below:

  • 5 ILCS 140/7(1)(a) – Disclosure of some of the information you have requested is prohibited by federal or State law or rules and regulations implementing such laws.
  • o        Pursuant to the Illinois Supreme Court Rule 412 G);Informants.  “Disclosure of an informant’s identity shall not be required where his identity is a prosecution secret and a failure to disclose will not infringe the constitutional rights of the accused ….”
  • 5 ILCS 140/2.15(c) – The information requested, if disclosed, would interfere with a pending law enforcement proceeding. This case is still pending adjudication.
  • 5 ILCS 14017(1)(d)(i) – The information requested, if disclosed, would interfere with pending or actually and reasonably contemplated law enforcement proceeding  conducted by law enforcement or correctional agency.
  • 5 ILCS 140/7(1)(d)(iii) – The information requested could create a substantial likelihood that a person will be deprived of a fair trial or an impartial hearing if the information were made public, as this case has not yet been adjudicated.
  • 5 ILCS 14017(1)(d)(vii) – The information requested would obstruct a current and ongoing criminal investigation.  The case or cases pertaining to your request is currently under review and Illinois State Police is expecting to be required to gather additional information regarding the case up to and until a verdict has been reached.  Therefore, the case or cases pertaining to your request is considered an ongoing investigation.


State Police Answers to FOIA Request re Kim Zinke — 25 Comments

  1. He can only use these laws right now, once the investigation is over that’s another story.

  2. And this is important to us how?

    Just love how you try to interfer in an ongoing police investigation about someone who isn’t important any more, similiar to the “OMG” reports that will appear about Zinke and Milliman and the DEA and Rita Corp, and Zane, and Dum Dum’s “Feds in the living room while the party goes on downstairs”- time to get a life Cal

  3. Do you think that just because someone is selling garage doors the past is in the past?


  4. “AZ” You seem so threatened by all of it. What are you afraid of? Hmmmmmmmm a little too much time with Gordy. Yep, that’s it!

  5. Again, NOT abouit him, Dum Dum-they’re investigating HER.

    Did You READ Cal’s story?

    HER, not the garage door salesman

  6. I read the article and one goes with the other in a lot of things. Are you that stupid AZ

  7. He’s just spending way too much time on his towels, with initials on them, that are meant for his grown kids, that no longer live in his home.

    We all remember that long winded lie.

    “AZ” your name should be “WINDY” You must be from Chicago

  8. By the way, Chicago was not named the “Windy City” because of the weather. Chicago was named the “Windy City” because of the politicians. Are you one of them? Just asking.

  9. Right Here Dum Dum.

    Voter, yes they do, SOMETIMES.

    Unless you actually KNOW something, you MAY want to wait for the story to play out before you find someone guilty by association, unlike Dum Dum who knows everything (NOT).

    And we all know his/her Pop Corn and Game show rants and his LOVE for Judge Gordy whom I’m sure he/she’s never met- I’d say he/she is as irrelevant as I am in this matter- but apparently doesn’t like someone else’s opinion.

    Oh well, it’s still fun to poke him/her-see if they’ve learned how to act in public.

    State Police will get to the bottom of whatever they’re checking her about, so one can just wait for the truth to come out.

  10. Gosh “Windy AZ” you don’t even know how to spell popcorn.

    How many times have you seen that word on this blog?

    Go back to grade school and refine your skills and you best turn that finger right around and point it at yourself.

    For your information, I have met Judge Gordy….. and some of the deal makers.

  11. Correct for once Dum Dum.

    Your being there means you’re a felon- not where one would like to be.

  12. Haven’t you learned from the “Fukoku” mistakes?

    You wish I was a convicted felon.

    Where do you get these wild assumptions?

    Though, you are the one that claimed to have towels at home, with initials on them, that belong to your grown kids that don’t even live with you…lol…

  13. Not to kick a person when they’re down and I do believe everyone is entitled to due process.

    But I do recall a certain female detective who was rude, obnoxious, demanding and very difficult to work with… just saying.

  14. Maybe, but none of us KNOW squat.

    Dum Dum, you may be a lit of things, but I doubt a felon is one of them.

    CP also could be correct- but only CP knows, and THEN it’s just an opinion.

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