Nunda Targets Another Subdivision Sign

First it was the residents of Le Villa Vaupell Country Club who complained about Nunda Township Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance removing their subdivision’s signs.

Le Villa Vaupell Country Club pillar in Nunda Township Road District Truck.

Le Villa Vaupell Country Club pillar in Nunda Township Road District Truck.

Off  to a landfill in a Nunda Township truck.

This is Oak Hurst's sign.

This is Oak Hurst’s sign.  The subdivision’s annual meeting was held yesterday.

Now the sign marking the entrance to Oak Hurst is in line to be destroyed.

Sign on the corner of

Sign on the corner of Black Partridge and Indian Trail.

It’s at the corner of Black Partridge and Indian Trail.

The stop sign is right next to the subdivision sign.

The stop sign is right next to the subdivision sign.

Right behind the stop sign.

Nunda Township Road Commissioner sent the following letter to the subdivision association:

The letter from Nunda Township Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance informing Oak Hurst residents that their subdivision sign will be removed because it is in the right-of-way.

The letter from Nunda Township Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance informing Oak Hurst residents that their subdivision sign must be removed because it is in the right-of-way.

If the subdivision does not remove the sign, sometime this summer Nunda Township Road employees will.


Nunda Targets Another Subdivision Sign — 12 Comments

  1. Was there such a letter written to Le Villa Vaupell subdivision residents (unincorporated McHenry bordering Holiday Hills) whose 2 stone monuments / gate posts / landmark stone pillars on S Vaupell Dr just south of Violet Dr were removed by the Nunda Township Road District on April 15, 2015?


    Some other folks unhappy with Mr. Lesperance are in the area of Garden Lane and Running Iron Drive in Crystal Lake.

    Citizen Gets Answer to Nunda Township Highway Commissioner’s Legal Exenses – $6-7,000
    April 8, 2014

    Nunda Township Road Commissioner Spends $11,000 on Ditch Complaint
    August 8, 2014

    Crystal Lake – Cary Patch
    McHenry County Gives Up on Easement Fight With Nunda Township
    December 5, 2014


    Mary McClellan, the current McHenry County Clerk (elected November 4, 2014) and former McHenry County District 3 Board Member (elected March 20, 2012), received campaign contributions from Mr. Lesperance:

    $250 – March 5, 2014
    $2,775 – December 30, 2013 in Kind Contribution, Headquarters Rent
    $150 – October 1, 2013
    Friends to Elect Mary McClellan
    Illinois State Board of Elections Committee ID 23944. > Committees > Search Options > Committee Search


    Mr. Lesperance endorsed Ms. McClellan for the McHenry County Clerk position.


    Mr. Lesperance beat Rob Parrish by 3 votes in the March 20, 2013 general election.
    Nunda Recounts Show No Change
    March 30,

  2. The letter mentions break away, this is for safety and even mailboxes are suppose to meet that code.

    The other thing is it appears to be blocking the site distance, another problem with the signs location.

    One accident for sight distance or break away and the Twh could get suited and lose most likely also if on the Twh ROW.

    These factors are often ignored, but that isn’t so wise of any gov agency to ignore problems that could cost us all some extra $$$$.

    Streamwood as I recall had a sign knocked down indicating a center median, and PW knew it was done apparently.

    A drunk motorcycle driver hit the median one night and was hurt real bad.

    That driver suited Streamwood for dereliction of duty and won his case.

    The reward was so high the Streamwood had to raise property taxes to cover the reward.

  3. After the last sign and fence deal, Mike must of educated himself on the safety standards.

    Sorry home owners, but on this one Mike is correct in doing what is right for all.

    Oh and when you move the sign or get a new sign off the ROW, make sure you get a permit from the county so they can get their piece of the action.

    Also consider insurance, at least liability for the sign.

    Better a little each year than a big shoot all at once.

    Ya Man!

  4. After looking at the picture again, the Pine tree on the right is a sight problem also and needs to be trimmed up and back.

    Homeowners should never plant that type of tree any where near a intersection or in the ROW ever.

    Many Gov agencies do not allow them in the ROW, but if planted they are often ignored by PW because of politics.

  5. Ask Mike “lescommonsense” how much the taxpayers will have to fork out for burning up the Morbark tub grinder…..

    Excellent Maintainanice program….Sparky

  6. The Nob actually knows the law.

    When the subdivisions in question got Hundreds of Thousands of dollars of Road upgrades from the former Highway Commissioner (No quid pro quo? LOL)they turned over ownership rights to the Township, which meant illegal signs which pose a safety hazard, by State Law, must be removed or the Township is liable for any damages.
    Mike has to remove them or the Taxpayers are at risk.
    Just ask Ed Dvorak, he got the same criticism Mike is getting for doing the same thing, making the roads safe and legal.

  7. John:

    How much did (does?) it cost the Taxpayers to have on the Taxpayers’ payroll the former Highway Commissioners unemployable relatives?

  8. The issue usually with Mike is not that “something shouldn’t be done”, it’s the fact that he shoots first and then aims.

    If Mike would have taken this approach of first involving those affected by his projects up to this point, and if he would have sincerely listened to their issues those few times when he symbolically did invite their comments, he would not be as despised.

  9. The LeVilla Vaupell pillars theft will be on the agenda at the McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission meeting tonight at 6:30.

    There are many such historical marker structures at apparent risk by rogue township road commissioners in McHenry County.

    the Commission needs to speak out publicly against the destruction of these monuments without notice so subdivision residents can have an opportunity to preserve and relocate them.

  10. Coincidentally the tub grinder was totaled by fire after they said its a waste of time and money to run it.

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