Pro-Lifers Seek Witness Slips Against Pro-Choice Bill

From Informed Choices Pregnancy & Parenting Center located behind McDonald’s in Crystal Lake and Grayslake:

Informed Choices logoA pending bill that could have serious implications for the way in which we minister to our clients is scheduled to be heard in the House Human Services Committee at next Wednesday May 13th at 8:30 in C-1 in the Stratton building.

A brief summary of SB 1564 is below, along with some actions steps you can take.

The most important thing we can do is pray.

But now is the time for us to raise our voices against the passage of this bill.

Standing for life with you,

Sarah Van Der Lip

Executive Director, Informed Choices

Summary of SB 1564:

This bill will require pro-life physicians, pharmacists, pregnancy centers and health care facilities to refer for abortion and abortion-inducing drugs. The bill now goes to the Illinois House for consideration.

If you are unfamiliar with this legislation, it would require every health care provider in the state to inform patients who they serve of their “legal treatment options” and the “benefits” of those options.

Additionally, while the provider themselves do not have to provide the requested service to a patient, provider will have to refer, transfer or provide a written list of locations where the provider “reasonably believes” the patient can obtain the service.

In other words, every health care provider in the state will have to materially participate in abortion and the distribution of abortion-inducing drugs when asked by a patient.

Under the legislation, “health care provider” is defined so broadly as to include pro-life medical pregnancy centers that provide ultrasounds.

And, depending upon how the bill’s vague language is interpreted, even those pregnancy centers that only do pregnancy tests could be subject to these onerous rules or be forced to shut down.

How you can voice your opposition to SB :

(1) Click on this link to the 99th Illinois General Assembly Witness slip.

(2) Complete Sections I & II (if you don’t have a “Title” you can write “Citizen Lobbyist”)

(3) Section III – choose “Opponent”

(4) Section IV – choose “Record of Appearance Only”

(5) Type in the encryption code

(6) Check “I agree” and “create slip”.


Pro-Lifers Seek Witness Slips Against Pro-Choice Bill — 4 Comments

  1. A place called “Informed Choices,” objects to this bill.

    I just read it.

    In its current form, it requires a health care provider who refuses on the basis of conscience to provide a medical procedure to provide a pamphlet listing places where the procedure may be had.

    My staff must inform patients of treatment options, which accords with the standard of care in all medical contexts.

    In application, if I run a pro life counseling center that does ultrasounds for pregnant women, and thus provides medical services, my staff must hand to a patient who asks, a list of Planned Parenthood clinics.

    They may counsel a woman – minister, if you prefer – not to have an abortion, but if she has come looking for a medical service the clinic does not provide, the clinic must give her a pamphlet saying where she may get that service. I.e., abortion.

  2. Maybe someone can shine some light on why anyone, especially the government, would be so afraid of people who don’t want to murder human beings they would want to mandate them to murder.

    Particularly in the case of abortion, which has proven to be a holocaust to minority communities, why is the government so afraid of people attempting to stem the tide of this horror.

    Could it be the current president is on board with the racist policies of a government mad with its own power and lust for riches which lead to a pillaging of entire minority groups?

    China’s policies of one child are now bearing the fruit of an aging society which will soon be unable to support itself on the backs of the next generation.

    Japan’s economic woes are bearing the fruit of nearly an entire generation choosing to not have children which, in turn, will lead to the same problem the Chinese are facing.

    Do we, in the United States, so loathe our own people and wish for societal, cultural and class death we want to dictate murder to an entire group philosophically opposed meanwhile importing entire groups of people completely opposed to our secular views and murderously jealous of all life?

    As I write this it seems laughable anyone would espouse this idiocy yet we have federal and state legislative and administrative actions which clearly show continued behavior of preferential treatment to those who embrace a culture of death.

    How interesting a time we live in today.

    When do we degenerate into the dystopian society shown in

    The Purge where all life is so reviled we revert to only the strongest and wealthiest are allowed to survive and thrive?

    Are we there already?

  3. Why shouldn’t they tell a patient all of their legal options.

    Pro life should start concentrating on deaths from all of the bombing and wars, all of the death cases and many of them built on shaky evidence (like discredited hair analysis), and taking care of those living already.

  4. Karma, the patient should be told the legal options.

    Discussing the condition, the natural history of such condition if left alone, and treatment options, is part of every physician visit.

    If you are not getting that kind of service from your physician, look for another one ASAP.

    My wild guess is that a woman who is old enough to be pregnant already knows “the options.”

    The bill in question is nothing but cultural warfare.

    I cannot see anything good happening to anybody from passage of that bill.

    The other huge problem that I have with this kind of bill is that it is another instance of practice of medicine by the legislators.

    From what I have heard, our representatives are having a hard enough time performing their other less grave responsibilities.

    Do we really want them practicing medicine?

    There was another bill in the IL general assembly recently: physicians would be required to give Hep C tests.

    The intention of the Hepatitis C bill is good perhaps, but the principle is utterly idiotic.

    What’s next, will they dictate the manner in which prostate exams ought to be performed?

    Legislators and others: please let the physicians do their job, and I would hope everybody else would do theirs.

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