RTA’s Dillard Seeks Tax Hike – Part 1

The RTA tax flag has been hoisted by Kirk Dillard.

The RTA tax flag has been hoisted by Kirk Dillard.

Every tax district seems to want more money.

It’s probably a characteristic of the beast.

The more money, the more employees.

The more employees, the higher the salaries of the top guys.

Kirk Dillard

Kirk Dillard

Now new Regional Transportation Authority boss Kirk Dillard wants a new tax.

The May 5th Chicago Sun-Times said so.

This should not be a surprise.

Dillard was one of the DuPage County State Senators who cracked the suburban anti-RTA coalition that I was part of putting together in 1974 when we almost beat the RTA referendum.

At that point almost every suburban Republican and Democrat joined in opposition to the regional mass transportation’s formation.

We lost by less than 13,000 votes, with the proponents’ pollster reportedly finding that the kNOw RTA effort was picking up one percentage point a day.

(And the referendum may well have been defeated.

kNOw RTA pamphlet(I vividly remember flipping from radio channel to radio channel the night of the election and hearing Mayor Richard Daley I being interviewed.

A "kNOw RTA" button from 1974.  We figured the more one knew about the Regional Transportation Authority, the more likely one was to vote, "No."

A “kNOw RTA” button from 1974. We figured the more one knew about the Regional Transportation Authority, the more likely one was to vote, “No.”

(“It looks like your RTA referendum is losing, Mayor Daley.”

(His reply, “Oh, I don’t know about that.  We haven’t finished casting the ballots.”

(Later State Rep. Don Totten, the Schaumburg Township Republican Chairman color coded all Chicago wards and found one precinct in a ward going 55-60% for the referendum in which 100% of the votes were in favor.  There were about 80 votes in favor, no votes against and 60 spoiled ballots.  That leads me to believe that the election was not an honest one.

(And, state law did not allow a recount.)

In any event, the coalition held until all but one of the DuPage County State Senators (Carol Pankau being the exception) sold out the suburbs to impose a 300% increase in the RTA sales tax.

It went from 1/4 of one percent to 3/4 of one percent.

And, in a stunning coincidence, it passed on April Fool’s Day in 2008.

Suburban county boards were bought off by being given have of the increase to be used for transportation or law enforcement.

Using it for the latter reason was why the DuPage County State Senators caved.

The state legislators took the heat and the local county board members got to spend the money, a real disconnect similar to municipal and county share of the state income tax half of which Governor Bruce Rauner wants to take back to address the state’s financial debacle.

So much for background, comments on this year’s tax tomorrow.


RTA’s Dillard Seeks Tax Hike – Part 1 — 6 Comments

  1. This just indicates how out-of-touch our politicians are.

    The state is in a terrible fiscal state.

    Which means that MOST Illinoisans are financially broke or struggling just to get buy. Our overall tax rates are the highest in the country (property/income/sales).

    Last year almost 100,000 people left the state because of idiot politicians like Dillard.

    Those weren’t 100,000 people on public assistance, Mr. Dillard.

    Those were 100,000 tax payers who left because of clueless dolts like you – who reflexively solve problems by taxing the people.

  2. …”That leads me to believe that the election was not an honest one.”…

    LOL Cal, you are so funny!

  3. If ya need more $$$$$, and it always seems to be the case, raise the user fees first.

    Then come to us with another referendum.

    Self serving politicians looking for $$$$ or reelection shouldn’t be raising our taxes like in the past.

  4. Cease the process of funding public transit at the state level.

    If a city wants it, let the city taxpayers fund it.

    If the rural area wants it, use vouchers for Uber or some other computer based process administered by townships funded with local tax dollars.

  5. McHenry County budget 2014 page 278:

    “The total costs for the Randall Road improvements are estimated around $115,000,000….These projects are anticipated to be funded in part through the release of debt certificates in 2016.”

    Remember the claims that NO County property tax money would be spent on this ($90 million was the asserted cost, a year ago) Randall Road Project?

  6. Randall Road ROBBERY!

    With all the businesses that that will cause to go OUT of business, there won’t be a need to even put in a couple extra turn lanes (which is all they should be doing there anyway) Have you checked out Algonquin Commons lately?

    More empty stores!

    Have you seen the strip mall near Randall & Algonquin?

    More empty storefronts!

    Have you checked out how many people are leaving McHenry County?

    Far less people on the roads.

    I think Rauner better rethink his big ‘Road Construction’ talk too.

    Fix the money problems, pension problems, spending problems before you go adding Roads that no one will be traveling on except for mass exodus!

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