Must Read: FEN’s “Judge Fines Sheriff’s Office For Withholding Zinke Report”

In the 2011 fall Republican Party Port Edward fund raiser, Sheriff Keith Nygren was squiring around his endorsed replacement Andy Zinke.

In the 2011 fall Republican Party Port Edward fund raiser, Sheriff Keith Nygren was squiring around his endorsed replacement Undersheriff Andy Zinke.

The Republican primary election for McHenry County Sheriff took place over a year ago, but a blatantly political act by former Sheriff Keith Nygren to protect his chosen successor, Undersheriff Andy Zinke, has resulted in Judge Thomas Meyer’s handing out the maximum fine possible–$5,000.

Of course, Zinke lost the primary to Bill Prim and Nygren has retired.

Legal fees for Gonigam’s attorney, Mary Gardnger, have not been decided.

Read Pete Gonigam’s story in his First Electric Newspaper here.


Must Read: FEN’s “Judge Fines Sheriff’s Office For Withholding Zinke Report” — 23 Comments

  1. I would go after Nygren.

    Why would the Sheriff’s Dept. that is in place now be liable?

  2. They should also charge Zinke as he knew about this and even if he didn’t win the election he should be held responsible.

    I think what Zinke did was illegal and charges should be put on him.

    And people think that Zinke didn’t know what his wife did.yeah right.

  3. Voter I agree with you . . .

    It is about time Nygren and Zinke have some personal resp. in all of this.

  4. I LOVE that we can see the bald headed Nygren/Zinke pal in the picture.

  5. Isn’t it sad that a great guy like Bill Prim only beat Zinke by a couple votes.

    The writing was on the wall about how shady Zinke was and the establishment Republicans still pulled out all the stops for him.

  6. Skillicorn — AMEN – look out.

    The Establishment wants to go back to the old days have plans for a comeback.

    People, stay informed.

    Read this blog.

    Do not depend on local papers.

    First Electric Newspaper and this blog should be everyday reads.

  7. It becomes ever more evident that the newspapers were at least complicit in their desire to protect Nygren, Zinke, Lowery, and Linder.

    Government and media are increasingly becoming bed-partners.

  8. Just curious skeptic, what did Lowery and Linder have to do with this case

  9. “LOL_ADL”

    Listen hear, you know nothing of the facts that is clear.

    Or, is it your’e just trying to invalidate the facts?

    Or, both?

    There is no grudge.

    Myself and others want justice, as many of us have had to witness corruption in our County for years.

    Further, I have a video showing CLPD officers stalking one of the members of our community.

    It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

    Officers assigned to foot patrol do not enter a store and not even make it past the first aisle and then call it foot patrol.

    In my book, it was stalking!


    Dispatch, didn’t even know they had left their vehicles.

    Commander Dan D at the CLPD, for a fact, verified that dispatch was never notified when the officers departed their vehicles.

    The CLPD officers witnessed the person traveling to Sam’s Club and then they followed the person into the store.

    A clear violation of protocol for anyone with a badge!

    Further, I did not say, that the CLPD was stalking an entire family.


    Just like any “REGIME MEMBER” no personal responsibility for themselves!.


    No one wants to hear your excuses any longer.

    GROW UP!

    Andy the clown and walrus, earned what they have accomplished in our County.

    In my opinion, their “LEGACY SUCKS!”

    Surely, Gary Gauger remembers the misdeeds of those that prosecuted him.

    SO far, he has received nothing for all of the pain and suffering they have imposed upon him and his family.

    He should have been compensated!

    What do Linder and Lowery have to do with the above story?


    Unless, of course, you know something the rest of us don’t.

    Though, from what I have been told they love their popcorn!

  10. My apologies. I had absolutely no idea their crime was that egregious.

    etting out of a car without notifying their dispatcher?

    My gawd, where will it end?

    Where were the arch criminals Linder and Lowery while all this was going on?

    Out behind the police station breathing without permission.

    I thank you for making the case that you have nothing, know nothing, and mean nothing.

    (Other than the fact your rants are ever so entertaining. Does your mommy know you’re playing with her computer again?)

  11. “LOL_ADL,” Again, you really need to learn how to put one foot in front of the other, before begin your blabbering!

    By the way, the badge is not a crutch!

  12. Really not a surprise is it?

    I can’t imagine there would have been much of a hunger for current officials to defend their former political foes against what looks to many to have been at least a passive supporter could there have been?

  13. Bill, your approach in your response is a sly why to suggest Linder and Lowery weren’t involved in the seriously nefarious activities that was uncovered.

    The four of them we aggressively and antagonistically involved in the sham witch hunt and political smear of our State’s Attorney and others.

    That heinous activity was not only wrong, it reeked of thuggish police brutality, it was a gross abuse of power, and it was at done at the expense of the taxpayer.

    Nygren, Zinke, Lowery, and Linder were the bad guys.

    Don’t pretend otherwise.

    They used the press to smear when their court sham was exposed.

    They are all scum – who, BTW, all left the area about the same time.


    I think not.

    Thank God.

  14. Yes, the four of them were involved.

    You have to admit those thugs certainly perfected their skills over the years.

    The really disgraceful thing is how they trained some of their police officers to act the same way.

    Those bullies, couldn’t accept the fact that Bianchi refused to go along with “Let’s Make a Deal”

    It is no wonder that they feel so self righteous and arrogant, they see nothing wrong with stalking one of the members of our community at SAM’s Club and then call it foot patrol.

  15. Just wondering, will Bianchi subpoena the most famous popcorn maker of all, the guy who makes the best popcorn in the entire McHenry County Courthouse?……..






  16. Bill Nealson, no response, eh?

    You suggest that Linder and Lowery are part of the Nygren/Zinke cesspool.

    You spew out your cynical inane retort and then hide in oblivion without response.

    You’re one of THEM, Bill.

    Then, shame on you, too.

  17. I believe it is time to stop the mudslinging and criticism of the sheriff’s department’s past administration.

    All this does is bring forth a bad reputation to the current new administration .

    Sheriff Prim and the new people he brought on board have done a fantastic job not only cleaning up the mess left behind which i may remind you takes up very important time needed for the improvement of the current sheriffs department.

    Today lets look forward to the current sheriffs administration which is looking forward to a new improved sheriffs department gaining the respect back from the citizens of our county.

    Look into what they have accomplished in only six short months,you will be surprised, now look at what they are working on for our future and you will be very surprised.

    Sheriff Bill Prim will gain back the respect of the people,this takes time and he will prove it.

    He has the correct administration to help him and it will get done,Back him and we all will live a better and safer life.

    Kudo’s Sheriff.

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