What’s Happening in Zinke Case

A commenter named “Concerned” left the following under one of the Kim Zinke stories. ┬áThe content sounds accurate, so I am sharing it more broadly:

Kim Zinke.  Photo credit - McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

2005 photo of Kim Zinke from McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

In time, the legal system will pursue the appropriate defendant.

We know it must advance further because

  1. a warrant was issued
  2. the Warrant was served
  3. the search resulted in the obtaining of evidence
  4. the material must have been within the scope of the warrant or in plain view because it was taken

There will be a case and the likely delay is because of the appointment of a Special Prosecutor and his presentment of the discovered evidence before a Grand Jury.

We know that the charges will not be on information because no charges have been filed yet and it is unusual to get a warrant for a search over misdemeanor type stuff.

Since Lou’s office punted, there is no formalized felony review as it is up to the Special Prosecutor.

Special Prosecutors always advance cases, if we learned anything from Lou’s case.

In Illinois there are only two ways to get charged,

  1. an Information and
  2. an Indictment

The later takes time, lots of time.

Generally speaking, a Grand Jury deals with felony counts.

Soon enough we will learn what the claims and defenses are in this case.

If an attorney is hired, he/she wont have politics to blame.

Lou Bianchi

Lou Bianchi

The Defense will have to do something more than blame politics or Lou for the prosecution.

(Again this is Lou avoiding the mud slinging).

What would have happened if Andy had won the Sheriff’s office?

This is where Lou’s foresight in supporting Bill Prim is shown as provincial.


What’s Happening in Zinke Case — 25 Comments

  1. Actually there are three way.

    The most common is to charge by Criminal Complaint (sworn complaint by victim or law enforcement officer).

    When so charged, the defendant is entitled to a preliminary hearing (which he/she can waive) or, as in the case, in McHenry County and others, the state’s attorney runs it through the grand jury process and the indictment supersedes the complaint.

    As for the time involved – complaint, information or indictment can be issued in a time frame measured in minutes IF that’s what the prosecution desires.

  2. They must have evidence or they would not move forward with the legal process.

    Kim’s attorney will need a wild imagination to get her out of this one…lol…

    Hmmmm, typical Zinke style, point the finger at others, swerve deflect and put on that clown smile they have practiced, over and over again for that circus of theirs.

    The words personal responsibility are foreign and maybe someone needs to hand her a dictionary.

    It appears that this may be more than just an allegation…..

    Kane County procedures are very strict, they log everything in and out and there is lots and lots of video.

  3. It’s like beating a dead horse.

    Give it a rest friend till there is something new to tell us.

  4. My question now is, why is her department still paying her or are they?

    It would be interesting to find out.

  5. What did Andy Zinke do to try to chase off ANYBODY who was getting to close to figuring our his game.

    He called his friends at the FBI, Rockford office.

    Additionally, the Zinke’s would send personal emails to those they believed were on to their game.

    I have those too just as I have emails from Pyle.

    I told Zinke he would ‘go down’ sooner or later.

    They continued to send me ‘veiled’ emails just as Pyle had.

    The way it is done is by utilizing a return or senders email address that has a message embedded in it. (Keep in mind Zinke and Pyle were trained by the FBI.)

    Here is one example.

    Zinke was trying to intimidate me by turning all the things I had been claiming about he and former Sheriff Nygren around back on me.

    Things I posted on my blog.

    One of my postings was titled, “The Puzzle is almost complete.”

    I then get an email with a senders address that would read as follows;


    (The Puzzle Is Your Reflection) and “Davidspain” refers to the fact that I had gone into treatment to help me get off the prescription Xanax my doctors placed me on to stop uncontrolled muscle spasms due to severe uncontrolled pain from many major surgeries I have endured.)

    So I knew Zinkes had me followed as they knew when I was in the hospital hence they sent me an email titled, “Davidspain@thetumbler.com

    Broken down it reads, Davids Pain The Tumbler.

    (Referring to a fall (tumble) I had taken from a ladder while painting my home causing me to go into the hospital)

    Again, I wrote Zinke and told him that each and everything he and Kim wrote me were sitting on the new director of the FBI’s desk.

    I also have a note from Zinke telling me that he CANNOT be beat in the election.


    Just as I have all of Pyles emails in writing.

    Funny, after Zinke lost his election, ALL THE EMAILS as described above stopped.

    How do I know it is factual that Zinke’s used the FBI to go after and investigate their enemies by telling the FBI lies about their adversaries….?

    I will show you my FBI file via posting it to my blog this Monday.

    You will see this for yourself.

    The ONLY name mentioned against me in my file belongs to Andrew Zinke.

    His name is redacted but the FBI left in his title, The McHenry County UnderSheriff.

    It was NOT former Sheriff Keith Nygren.

    Go to http://www.dirtykeithvsdirtyharry.blogspot.com this coming Monday.

    You will see an actual FBI investigative file instigated by Andrew Zinke.

  6. After giving this great thought….. there really isn’t any purpose of even keeping the Zinke’s in our minds.

    I’m out.

    It is up to the authorities to do their jobs and we need to step back and let things come home to roost.

    I believe it is best for my family and I that we just keep moving forward with our lives.

    To give the Zinke’s one moment of our time would be a waste of any ‘positive’ energy in life.

    Things have a way of shaking themselves loose and I believe in this case, it shall.

  7. David is right.

    The MCSO and the CLPD indeed have been feckless and at times purposely evil.

    They have in reality abused their power as they intentionally ruined their own citizens’ lives.

    But, we have move on.

    For the most part, the loser thugs in those failed departments have lost their jobs, they’ve been forced out, or they have “retired”.

    Deep down, the bad guys know they’re scum and they know who they are.

    The politicians who defended them or didn’t object to their evil will have to live with their fearful lack of leadership.

    Further guilt will apparently be resolved.

    But, David is right…..It’s time for all of us to move on.

    It’s too bad they (and their doltish supporters) don’t have the same rational sense.

    But, that is the way life has always rolled.

  8. Anyone can moved forward, but that does not mean they don’t have to stop blogging or fighting for the issues that are important to them.

    That is a personal choice.

    We have the right to freedom of speech and it is our responsibility to insure that our elected officials continue to work for the people and that those that commit crimes are held accountable.

    We all have a choice.

  9. Many innocent have sacrificed and had been persecuted at the hands of the likes of Andrew Zinke and company.

    “Some” of us have gone after them utilizing our freedom of speech and we did so under our ‘real’ names, not false screen names.

    Thus, our levels of exposure are much higher than those not desiring to use their real names. A choice certainly I respect for whatever reasons a person might have. My guess is that it is due to personal security.

    Scott Milliman, Zane Seipler, Paul Scharff, myself,and please forgive me if I have left anybody else out, but because we never hid from ‘anybody,’ we paid very high prices for leading the crusade.

    The stress of never knowing when these dangerous people would again turn their friends against us, we have chosen to move on.

    Even States Attorney Lou Bianchi decided it was best for he and his staff to pass this case against ‘allegedly’ against Kim Zinke and possibly others, on the another jurisdiction.

    The emotional toll those of us who could not hide and comment under ‘screen names,’ and don’t get me wrong, there are certainly valid reason why some felt it in their families best interest to do so, but we paid incredible prices.

    Let me give you a very real example.

    My own family, my father John Bachmann via my sisters and brother, who are old McHenry County ‘regime’ fans, who refused to believe Keith Nygren could ever had committed any wrongs, told me that I embarrassed the family name by blogging (utilizing my freedom of speech) about all the corruption that was tied, and in fact is now coming home to roost.

    I told my father about the fact that soon a very serious arrest tied to the McHenry County Sheriff’s office would soon be coming out. I was referring to Greg Pyle and what I knew about Pyle even before he was first arrested. How did I know so much, heck, I had real time emails that Pyle had been sending me. For simple starters.

    My father thought I had lost my mind by making such assertions that he told my sisters and brother to not tell me when he died, (he was under hospice care at the time all that was going on) that I was not to be told so that I would not attend his funeral and embarrass the family at his funeral.

    Then, to top it all off, my fathers estate was a multimillionaires estate of which, twenty five percent HAD belonged to me.

    I was also CUT OUT of my portion of the estate because my father, via my Sister Ellen Burg and Paula Muntzenberger and brother Thomas Bachmann believed I had so lost my mind because of what was written about me in the NW Herald by Kevin Lyon’s, and all the things my sisters and brothers friends had been telling them I had been blogging about, that I could not handle a million dollars cash.

    SO it was taken from me….and in my poor health, that money would have helped me pay for my $3,000.00 a month supply of insulin and other medications.

    If nobody believes me, see my fathers obituary via this link.. my name is not even included


    My sisters and brother are mere sheep…..they nor my father ever stood up for anything in life. They like most people, are basically innocent and cannot believe the things that have gone on in McHenry County actually did go on in McHenry County and I just happened to be one of those who said, “We are mad as hell and we are not taking it any longer.”

    So for it to be said, “Duncan,” that “Anyone can move forward, but that does not mean they don’t have to stop blogging,” how much more a price to you wish I should pay?

    There are plenty of others who can come out from the shadows and take over the mantel…. Myself and several others, well, we already gave at the office.

    It is time for those placed in office to protect the interest of citizen’s, to take over.

    I am sorry that you Duncan McHenry have never felt comfortable or safe to ever post under your real name. You as well ‘voter.’ I certainly understand your desire to do what you need to do. But please don’t insult me.

    I am sorry that my pounding away for six years, being DEEPLY investigated and followed all over by the FBI and losing ONE MILLION DOLLARS and my fathers trust as he lay dying was not enough. What do you think all this has done to my wife and children?

    And what about Lou Bianchi, Ron Salgado, Mike McCleary and Joyce Stanek? They were arrested, humiliated and flogged in public by the NW Herald and in social circles.

    Does anybody think they too should not have the right to ‘move on?’

    Like I said, I’m moving on.

    Your friend, David

  10. You took it as an insult Dave and it was never meant that way.

    I never said you should continue, but for others it is a personal choice.

    For us that make that choice, we can and will.

    Many people have suffered and lost.

    That doesn’t mean to say your suffering is any less than the next person.

    There has been huge loss for an enormous amount of people in our community.

    My family and I have been witness to the injustice in the court system for the last 22 years; two decades.

    We have moved on, but at the same time are willing to promote the crusade against corruption so our children, grandchildren and our neighbors do not have to endure the same abuses of a flawed and corruption McHenry County Government and judicial system. We have made that choice.

  11. Sorry Dave and by no means did I want to insult you. I understand why you feel the need to move on

    and rightfully so.

    I think the old ways were gone and people were looking towards the future with the new people and the Zinke group would have been forgotten and then came along a new development with Kim Zinke.

    She, if there is a case, should be gone too.

  12. David Bachmann’s comment has been taken down at his request.

  13. jeff thorsen, the comment you see is from the 16th, the comment earlier was taken down from the 18th.

  14. So Mr. Bianchi’s political supporters are saying if a special prosecutor is appointed and brings charges it can’t be considered political?

    Are you really going there of all places, lack self awareness much?

    I actually laughed out loud when I read a Bianchi political supporter say “they must have evidence or they would not move forward with the legal process”

    Now mind you I don’t think Mr. Bianchi should have ever been prosecuted it was a colossal waste of time and taxpayer money on petty politics (of which it sure appeared he was also fully involved in, in the other direction in my humble opinion) and don’t have any knowledge if their actually might be a real case in thsi instance… but to think about the debacle that was the Bianchi prosecution and then read naive comments above from his political supporters about his now targeted political opponents is kind of funny.

  15. David?

    Did you remove your blogs or have they been removed by persons unknown?

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