Althoff & Others on Local Government Consolidation Bill

Here’s what State Senator Pam Althoff has posted on her Facebook page about House Bill 229, the bill that would allow the McHenry and Lake County Boards to absorb some local governments for which they appoint governing members:

Althoff facebook on HB 229
Here are comments that have been posted:
Althoff facebook on HB 228 comments through McConoughAlthoff facebook on HB 229 thru Brandt


Althoff & Others on Local Government Consolidation Bill — 5 Comments

  1. Dave Brandt: It gives the County Board the power to do something you refuse to do:

    Eliminate the Conservation District Police force!

    Those who advocate to “leave it to the voter” are the same people who gave us many of the problems we now have.

  2. I wonder if Pam or ‘her people’ read Illinois Review. Dan Duffy’s op-ed is posted there:

    It is sad to see Republicans like Althoff self-destruct while trying to support ‘her friends’.

    Dan’s statement is spot on: “A McHenry County career politician, Althoff’s top priority should be to cut wasteful government spending and lower our property taxes – not try to protect her friends’ cushy government jobs.”

    The police department at MCCD needs to be eliminated.

    The County Board failed the taxpayers when they approved the latest budget for MCCD.

    We need HB 229 passed NOW!


  3. While I agree we don’t need the MCCD police, giving often paid for politicians the control is wrong.

    Let them recommend then let us vote.

    Pam’s bill to let them raise the levy was wrong and her being replaced would work.

  4. I would possibly even vote for Franks over Althoff.

    He’s more republican than the republican.

    Even if he is an attention grabbing wh__e

  5. Eliminating the taxing body does not eliminate the tax – it just gives it to someone else to spend.

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