McConnaughay Turns Down Rauner Check

Karen McConnaughay

Karen McConnaughay

Governor Bruce Rauner’s campaign fund cut checks to all Illinois Republican legislators.

Mike Tryon, a member of the House Republican leadership, got one for $8,000.

State Rep. Steve Andersson, a first-term state rep. also reported receiving $8,000 from Citizens for Rauner Inc.

Second-term State Rep. Barbara Wheeler’s was for $4,000.

The rest of the legislators who represent parts of McHenry County

“Considering the timing,” State Senator Karen McConnaughay decided not to accept her contribution from the Governor’s campaign fund.


McConnaughay Turns Down Rauner Check — 5 Comments

  1. Good for her.

    The piecemeal introduction of show bills by the Democrats is nothing more than an attempt to soften the ground for what will come out of the negotiations now being held behind closed doors.

    Better to have not accepted the donation and thus be free of any claim of bias or self-interest when the final product is introduced.

    The battle is going to be bloody enough as it is without having to deal with side issues.

  2. Will tryon donate his to help the taxpayers he so wants to tax more?

  3. Smart political move by McConnaughay but means nothing to me.

    IMHO she is simply grandstanding!

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