Jack Franks Gets Another Pat on the Back from Capitol Fax

Rich Miller being interviewed on WTTW

Rich Miller being interviewed on WTTW.

Rich Miller, the man who writes Capitol Fax is undoubtedly a Democrat.

One can tell by the slant on his posts.

Today, he pats State Rep. Jack Franks on the back for his anti-tax voting record.

“Franks has never voted for a tax hike,” Miller writes, “so he’s not about to start now.

“Besides, the millionaire’s amendment was not overwhelmingly popular in Franks’ district last year like it was elsewhere, winning 52-48. Gov. Rauner, however, crushed Pat Quinn in that district 65-31.”

Perhaps one could argue that Franks’ vote for Governor Rod Blagojevich’s 2005 pension holiday, which will ultimately require over a $100 million infusion of cash from some source, was not a tax hike vote.

But, last May 21st, he voted for a $100 million tax increase on companies that self-insure (Senate Bill 3324).


Jack Franks Gets Another Pat on the Back from Capitol Fax — 14 Comments

  1. =Semantics semantics semantics=

    Then show us the tree where the money grows that will pay for that pension holiday.

  2. Senate bill 3324 was interpreted as a tax increase.

    Pension holidays were historically accepted in good economic times.

    Call it short sightedness, or hindsightedness in your case Mr Reick.

    I truly have no solution or money tree and if I did, would run for Governor.

    Hating on Franks is hilarious though.

    He has done tremendous good for the community and most Comservatives would agree.

    Those that dont are blinded by party label, hence – semantics semantics semantics.

  3. You still haven’t told us where the money’s going to come from.

  4. Can anyone point me to some property taxes Jack Franks has cut?

    There may be some.

    Any good researcher out there?

  5. Jack Franks does not seem to have had much impact in the Marengo area.

  6. It’s not simple, that’s why there has to be fundamental change in both how we calculate property taxes, and more critically, an honest discussion of what is and what is not a legitimate function of government.

    Also, you still haven’t yet told us where the money’s going to come from.

  7. Concrete reform possible:

    1. Ban tifs.

    2. Enforce statutory borrowing caps by including accrued unpaid interest in calculation of debt.

    3. Cap property tax rates.

    4. direct all resources to fund legal pension entitlements in entirety..obtain funds to do this by slashing as many public jobs ( education, government) as it takes.
    Moratorium on any new hiring until pension shortfalls have been cleared.

  8. You’re right – Steve – I don’t know, as I have conceed already, albeit in jest, but maybe you really are just a tall, crotchety curmudgeon.

    Frankly, I’m wise enough to admit when my opinion may not suffice.

    Yet, getting back to what this article was ACTUALLY about I know I do possess knowledge of the politics behind the Blago pension holiday; it was a politically advantageous piece of legislation for members of BOTH parties.

    I also know that what you and Mr. Skinner are doing is akin to blaming someone for not having the foresight that there would be an economic collapse when it comes to the Blago pension holiday OR ANY pension holiday.

    I have no problem admitting in hindsight it was a miserable idea, but people were making a lot of bad ideas in the 2000’s.

    So, while I’m sure you would love to lampoon me about the pension issue, I will continue to point out that the pension holidays were decided when the economy was good and people thought they could forgo a payment because the economy was trending up.


    End of story.

  9. Wow….

    You lose the point and attack the man…

    thus your story ends…

  10. Jack voted for Mike M. that equals hire taxes. over spending. and borrowing.

  11. 99th Illinois General Assembly

    House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 26 (HJRCA0026)

    Synopsis As Introduced

    Proposes to amend the Revenue Article of the Illinois Constitution. Provides that an additional income tax shall be imposed on individuals in an amount equal to 3% of the portion of the individual’s income that is greater than $1,000,000 for the taxable year.

    Provides that the revenue collected from the tax shall be distributed to school districts on a per pupil basis.
    Effective upon being declared adopted.

    May 21, 2015

    A vote was taken, the measure failed, so Madigan pulled the vote before it could become official, in what is known as “consideration postponed.”

    When is a vote not a vote?

    When Michael Madigan doesn’t want it to be a vote.

    The Democrats have a supermajority in House, so if all the Democrats voted for the bill, it would have passed.

    Which Democrats voted against the bill?

    – Jack Franks – Woodstock – McHenry County
    – Scott Drury – Highwood – Lake & Cook County
    – Ken Dunkin of Chicago – Cook County


    There was an advisory question on the ballot for the November 4, 2014 general election about the same subject.

    The advisory question passed, 60% yes, 34% no.

    The advisory question was the result of House Bill 3816 (HB 3816), which passed and became Public Act 98-0794 (PA 98-0794) in the 98th General Assembly.


    Jack Franks voted No for HB 3816 / PA 98-0794 on May 23, 2014.


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