Harvard Walmart Loss Prevention Folks Strikes Again

In the police reports I look at, Harvard’s have the most information.

For example, in Harvard reports, the name of the store from which someone attempted to steal merchandise is revealed.

Not so in Crystal Lake.

Here’s the latest evidence that those responsible for making sure people don’t steal stuff from Harvard’s Walmart have a problem:

On 05-16-15 at 2005 hrs, Clinton C. Corey (m-28 yoa) 17406 RTE 173, Harvard, was arrested for Retail Theft at 21101 McGuire Rd, Wal-Mart, after he was stopped by a Wal-Mart loss prevention officer who had witnessed Corey attempt to leave the store without paying for merchandise.

Harvard Walmart

Harvard Walmart

Corey was turned over to police and charged with one count of Retail Theft. Corey posted the $150 bond and was released with a court date of 06-17-15 at 1330 hrs.

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