Legislature Decriminalizes Marijuana – Roll Calls

The Illinois Senate followed in the footsteps of the Illinois House when it voted to decriminalize the possession of the equivalent of twenty-five cigarette-sized marijuana blunts.

Most McHenry County legislators went along with the crowd.

In the House, the following voted in favor:

  • David McSweeney
  • Mike Tryon

Voting “No” were

  • Steve Andersson
  • Jack Franks
  • Barbara Wheeler
House roll call on House Bill , which would decriminalize the possession of marijuana.

House roll call on House Bill 218, which would decriminalize the possession of marijuana.

Two state senators voted in favor of the bil:

  • Pam Althoff
  • Karen McConnaughay

Voting against the measure was

  • Dan Duffy

The Senate roll call is below:

The Senate roll call on House Bill 218, which would decriminalize the possession of marijuana.

The Senate roll call on House Bill 218, which would decriminalize the possession of marijuana.


Legislature Decriminalizes Marijuana – Roll Calls — 8 Comments

  1. The people who voted yes exercised common sense.

    This changes punishment for people caught with possession of up to fifteen grams, or about half of an ounce, from being charged with a misdemeanor or felony to being charged with a 125 dollar fine.

    The people who said no should get banged over the head on this issue.

  2. Time to do away with prohibition.

    People should no go in jail for smoking, owning, growing that thing.

    Just smoke it away from me! And stop sending tax money to jails!!

    Nothing good has come out of banning marijuana.

    Beer is more harmful, but hey, it tastes good.

    By God, those prohibitionists were so stupid.

    Matter of fact, I will go grab a beer right now.


  3. So, what happens to the ‘supplier’ who brings the 25 joints to the user?

    Is it now legal to ‘distribute’ the 25 joints?

    Is it still considered a felony to sell the 25?

    If I’m a dealer, I now know I can carry up to 25 rolled joints at a time… so what would I do?

    I would run back and forth from my ‘supply’ to my legal buyers all day long.

    As long as I don’t get busted with more than the 25, am I cool with the law?

    A fella can sell a whole lot of dope at 25 sticks at a whack.

    Does this also now make it easier for the Governor to justify licensing dispensaries so the medical marijuana program can finally move forward?

    I am personally all for this… BUT, I do think 25 joints is a pretty high number?

    My guess is that might be the reason some felt compelled to vote, “No.”

    I just hope those laying in bed in severe pain due to any multitude of aliments can get the same relief the daily “casual” pot smoker just received.

    Maybe somebody can help me out here?

    Video games and pot….

    Man, I hope I drop dead before I need to depend upon this next generation to fund social security and future pensions.

  4. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said in an interview this year that hardly anyone in the Cook County jail is there for marijuana.

    The downside of the lesser penalties is marijuana is purchased from people who often throw in freebies of a more potent drug to hook the customer on a more profitable drug.

    Marijuana is what’s known as a gateway drug.

    Also the thc in marijuana varies with much of today’s marijuana having a greater percentage of thc than 20 or 30 or 40 years ago.

    So parents should not assume their children are getting the same marijuana experience, which parents experienced as kids.

    Or grandchildren.

  5. Those who voted in favor are no different then recent Federal Administrations in D.C. with their aversion to enforcing the law.

    The moral decline of our nation continues unabated.

  6. I worry abiut my kids, but it is not the government’s job to keep my kids from trying marijuana.

    That job is all mine.

    Grt rid of the prohibition, nothing good has come from it. Do not spend tax money to artificially prop up the prices of that junk.

    The war on drugs is a failure just like the war on poverty. Stop throwing good money after the bad. Some laws are not enforceable.

  7. F.T.P grow your own weed and save your money it’s not just a hobby it’s a way of life these days.

    Prison for weed are you f$%king kidding me.

    Lets address violent crime and not good hearted stoner’s.

    All for 420😈

  8. I am 66 years old and retired.

    My grandmother was an advocate for legalization of marijuana maybe that was the American Indian blood speaking from her.

    She always believed that adults should have a choice between marijuana and alcohol.

    She knew the evils of alcohol and more so when her son was intoxicated and killed a person in a head on car crash.

    Just legalize it capture the tax side of it and give all adults a choice.

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