Tribune Dips into County Fair Dispute

The aborted attempt to segregate three Pro-Life booths, one three booth spaces wide, in what was originally labeled a “Faith Tent” had not received any mainstream media until Friday night at 6:45.

The part of the County Fair contract with location designation.

The part of the County Fair contract with location designation.

That’s when the Chicago Tribune ran an article by Lisa Black headlined in the electronic edition thusly:

Anti-abortion groups claim county fair tried to sideline them

County fair allows anti-abortion booths to set up at previous locations after complaints about being moved

In 2011, Peter's Net attracted kids with games.

In 2011, Peter’s Net attracted kids with games.

The article does refer to the three Pro-Life groups as “faith-based groups” and the description “pro-life” even makes the second paragraph, but only in a quote from the six-page letter sent by the Thomas More Law Center on behalf of

  • Peter’s Net
  • McHenry Deanery Respect Life
  • 1st Way Pregnancy Support services (sic, the old name; now its 1st Way Life Center).

According to the Tribune, Rich Tobiasz, Fair Association Vice President said,

“There was some thought about how we can group together like-minded people.

“Apparently, that made some people unhappy. I don’t think that there was ever any kind of intent (of discrimination).”

For the first time in my memory, the Tribune allowed the description of Pro-Choice folks as “pro-abortion.”

And no one was being quoted.

The internet article did not appear in the Saturday edition of the Tribune.

Perhaps it will be in Sunday’s, which has much higher circulation.

(Nothing in the Saturday edition of the Sunday Tribune either.)

Nothing yet in McHenry County’s newspaper of record, the Northwest Herald.

If you would like to read the six articles published by McHenry County Blog (in the order in which they were posted), the links are below:


Tribune Dips into County Fair Dispute — 4 Comments

  1. Mr. Skinner, I believe it was your very colorful term “Faith Ghetto” that got the job done.

    You do know how to use ‘words’ to make your points.

    Heck, some would say you might have helped influence an election or two within McHenry County.

    Some very colorful bloggers there in McHenry County.

    Well done, sir.

  2. Anti abortion group didn’t belong there, in fact they do not belong anywhere.

  3. Please tell me what is so scary about people peacefully advocating against racism, forced sterilization and death?

    I have never personally met anyone able to intelligently argue a position against peaceful pro life people/groups.

    Maybe someone can do so here.

  4. For Tink- I might say I loathe what some people advocate or say in the public square but I will do my utmost to make certain our free society still protects everyone’s right to speak peacefully, freely and openly without fear.

    This new amerika where some wish to completely silence others they don’t agree with isn’t why we shed blood to make her and keep her free.

    If you disagree please feel free to debate but no one will be silenced except by our local states attorney/would be thug. But that’s another debate for another day…

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