Message of the Day – A Button

Found this button in Springfield, Illinois.

From the pictures around it, I’m guess it was from Alexander’s Steakhouse.

The woman is for peace.

Her button says,

“We need a Department of Peace”

"We need a Department of Peace," the button reads.

“We need a Department of Peace,” the button reads.

This was taken since Barak Obama took office as President, but before the war between Governor Bruce Rauner and the union-Democrats.


Message of the Day – A Button — 6 Comments

  1. Obama said we need a department of defense.

    Why are you mixing up Illinois with Obama.

    To be fair tell Rauner to put some bills up for a vote so the republicans in Illinois have to take a stand and not just vote present.

    Make them stick with Rauner and cut pensions, social programs, etc or shut up.

    I am tired of getting over an election and candidates starting a campaign for the next election instead of being Americans.

  2. He won’t be re elected because he will join the other governors in Jail for being on the board that gave no bid contracts from the Chicago schools that the FBI is investigating.

  3. Certainly peace is an admirable goal but sometimes you need to fight.

  4. It is just past Memorial Day, and it is just as well to remember that every society in every era has used its teenage males as expendable material, as cannon fodder.

    Such is human nature. I once read a book called “The Lucifer Principle.”

    As a father of 3 young boys, it pains me to think about the subject. There will not be a Department of Peace ever, unless Pentagon renames itself in some Orwellian nightmare.

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