County Voting on Secret Audit Release

Pam Palmer

Pam Palmer

McHenry County Blog has been denied access to an internal audit conducted by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

When a similar request was sent to the County Department of Public Health, the reply indicated that all records were with the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Now, the County Board will vote upon whether to make the audit public.

Here is part of the memo that board members will see:

Finance and Audit Committee was presented preliminary  findings by the County Auditor on an internal audit done on the McHenry County Dental Care Clinic Fund, a special revenue fund for the Department of Public Health.

The findings showed irregularities between the Dental Health Care Clinic and a veteran’s grant received by the Veterans Assistance Commission providing dental services to indigent veterans.

Some members of the Finance and Audit Committee have strong feelings that this information should be released and the County Auditor should turn over her working papers.

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The rumor mill says double billing was found.


County Voting on Secret Audit Release — 8 Comments

  1. They should release audit.

    This looks like another case for the FBI.

  2. Why shouldn’t we see it?

    we paid for it, i.e., dental care (or shouldn’t have paid for it)?

    would like to see some more of the record keeping from the Veteran’s Assistance office; wouldn’t you?

    Does this office report to ANYONE?

    seems like another tip of the iceberg in McHenry County.

  3. Audits are completed by the Auditor on behalf of the County Board.

    The County Board can waive the FOIA exemption with a simple majority vote.

    The fact that I had to fight for four months to get to the point where I was able to cast a vote to waive the FOIA exemption at the Finance Committee is ludicrous.

    Cudos to new Finance Chairman Mike Skala for not giving up until we got a chance to vote on this.

    This Audit was completed so long ago that they even had time to bake two, yes, two rounds of management responses into it (CYA x 2).

    My position has been clear:

    ALL audits (internal or otherwise) should be released to the public.

    The good ones and the bad ones.

    Let the public sort out if corrective actions were sufficient.

    I’ve been told that we can’t release internal audits because employees will not cooperate in future audits if we do.

    My response is ALL government workers are at-will employees – if they don’t cooperate on an internal audit you should be shown the door.

    I’ve read this audit and until the full county board approves its release, I can’t tell you what’s in it.

    But I can certainly describe my reaction to the results:

    I was dismayed, disgusted and then totally pissed off.

    I can’t wait until I’m allowed to publicly explain why I will be calling for, no, DEMANDING, a stronger follow-up to this audit.

    The fact that it took 14 MONTHS to release the original findings is unbelievable.

    That’s right the audit was completed in April of 2014 but I’ll let others explain why they needed 14 months and another round of corrective action/management responses before they were ready to share it with their bosses – the taxpayers.

    Cal, You won’t have to FOIA this audit.

    I will give you my copy as soon as we cast our votes on Tuesday.

    That is if the Board decides to release it….

  4. Will watch how the votes go and who voted NOT to release.

    A former silent majority will be VERY INTERESTED and informed.

    Anyone voting NOT to release will have trouble keeping their seats.


  5. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if there were any material findings by the auditor(s) – Skala should be well of aware of what happens if info isn’t out in the open.

    Frankly this is all a freaking game that little emperors and their female counterparts use in our local govt. entities.

    Let’s stop the games people.

    If the public is such and enemy to your power – don’t run for office.

    Get over yourselves.

  6. @anonymous: Yes, there were _ _ material findings by the auditors…

    Wait, what just happened to my computer…

    Darn, THEY must have that new wireless remote censorship device.

    Didn’t see that coming…

    Guess @anonymous will have to wait for the Board to vote to release the audit to find out.

  7. Material findings, things that demand correction or revelation to the public that pays for the darned audits. And as far as internal audits, I recall one govt entity that used that spiel to help sell an expensive referendum that should never have happened.

    Later after much digging and other oddities, it turned out the internal audit didn’t exist in the first place.

    This stuff happens and it’s all bull malarkey.

    Those warm smiles and heavenly images by some elected officials should buy them time in the pokey.

    Dump the employees who cooperate with hiding info.

    Don’t blame the local people for kicking out the trash – they should be applauded.

  8. The County Board voted today unanimously to release the Dental Clinic audit and all 19 findings.

    Now it’s in the hands of the public.

    It’s your turn to read and comment on the findings.

    Cal, you can have my copy now…

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