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A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Crystal Lake Police Department Offering Medication Disposal Option

The Crystal Lake Police Department now offers those wishing to dispose of unused or expired medications the opportunity to deposit the medications into a collection container located in the lobby of the Crystal Lake Police Department.

This disposal option will not only reduce the likelihood of accidental or intentional misuse or abuse of medications left unsecured in your home, but it’s a much more environmentally sound method of disposal when compared to other means, such as tossing the medications into the trash or introducing the medications into the wastewater system via a sink drain or a toilet.

Only legally prescribed medications or over-the-counter medications in tablet, pill, or powder form will be accepted. We will not accept liquids, creams, needles, or other sharp instruments used in conjunction with any particular medication.

Depositing illegal drugs will also be prohibited.

The Crystal Lake Police Department will simply verify the medication to be deposited is in one of the forms allowed. We will not ask for any personal information nor will we inquire as to the type of medication to be deposited.

Those wishing to deposit their unwanted medications should take care to remove any identifying information from medication containers prior to the deposit.

This service will be available Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm, except on City recognized holidays.

We would like to thank CVS for their support while this program was developed, demonstrating a shared commitment of reducing the misuse or abuse of medications in our community and providing an environmentally friendly way of disposing of unwanted medications.


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  1. I think it unwise to go to the CLPD and “drop off” your medication.

    They’ll probably nail you for a narcotics violation.

    I wouldn’t trust the CLPD, folks.

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