Nygren Refused to Sign Exit Audit’s Management Representation Letter

When county offices turn over, there are mandated audits.

In the one conducted on the state of affairs when Sheriff Keith Nygren left office and Bill Prim was sworn in, there were comments that some might find of interest:

The Welcoming Committee for the new Sheriff in the movie Blazing Saddles before they discover he is black.

The Welcoming Committee for the new Sheriff in the movie Blazing Saddles before they discover he is black.

We obtained a listing of all the grants under the department’s control from the Office Manager. The compliance requirements have not been communicated to the new County Sheriff. However, based upon discussions with the Office Manager, the prior elected official did not have any responsibilities regarding reviewing or approving documents related to the grants and ensuring they were in compliance. We tested a sample of the required reports that are to be submitted to the grantor agency and these were all signed and approved by individuals other than the prior County Sheriff. All reports required to be submitted, as detailed within the grant agreement we tested, are not yet required to be filed.

= = = = =

We did not test a sample of capital assets for this department based upon the direction of the Internal Auditor. The Internal Auditor recently performed a similar test for this department.

We focused our attention on noncapital assets including cell phones, radios, guns, and uniforms. We walked through the process used to inventory these items and the related controls. We viewed the tracking sheet used to record these noncapital assets. We also verified that all noncapital assets in the possession of the County Sheriff and Undersheriff had been returned prior to their departure.

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

= = = = =

We interviewed the new County Sheriff and all paper and electronic files were transitioned to the best of his knowledge.

= = = = =

While not an objective of this agreed-upon-procedures engagement, if control weaknesses and operational efficiencies are identified as a result of performing the procedures, these items will be reported to the County.

Keith Nygren

Keith Nygren

One control weakness was identified as a result of performing the above procedures. Both the Office Manager and Administrative Specialist III had a signature stamp for the former County Sheriff which was used for the approval of recurring items. It is best practice that only the individual whose signature stamp it is should have access to use it.

It should also be noted that the prior County Sheriff refused to sign the management representation letter that we requested as part of this engagement.


Nygren Refused to Sign Exit Audit’s Management Representation Letter — 15 Comments

  1. There are not enough negative adjective to describe Nygren and his NON work ethic.

    This was his kingdom and he ruled FROM A DISTANCE.

    Voters gave him a free ride to rule and not show up for work.

    Anyone that EVER voted for him should wake up and feel ashamed.

    Nice to now have a sheriff that works and earns his pay.

  2. Something should be filed in court so he can be brought before a Judge. Then hold him in contempt until he agrees to sign it. Stay out of it Gordy!

  3. I totally agree with FYI.

    Nygren and Zinke considered themselves a monarchy, self professed royalty.

  4. Nygren is such a despicable human being.
    It amazes me is that so many politicians supported him, knowing full well he was such a total scum bag.

  5. “It amazes me is that so many politicians supported him, knowing full well he was such a total scum bag.”

    What’s even more amazing is how some of his biggest supporters, who worked vigorously for Nygren and Zinke are now completely in favor with the new “reformed” Republican party that worked vigorously to get rid of them.

  6. Watch closely with the “new party” – see who is influencing, who is reacting, and who is controlling.

    The people who brought real energy to the party are weak and this “new party” is, sadly, more like the regime they ousted.

    Just watch.

  7. Fly on the wall – Not sure what you mean by “those who brought the real energy to the party are weak” – but, more accurately, I would say that the people who REALLY brought the energy and, in fact, made the “new party” and the new sheriff possible, did so because of a TRUE belief in the principles of Republicanism and a passion for effecting legitimate government.

    However, these principles are now seemingly only used as platitude by many others within…

    These same principles and this very passion, no longer seem to be shared nor welcomed…

    Sadly, those energetic individuals and the very principles and passion that drove them are now viewed as a nuisance.

  8. I remember a specific guy calling out Nygren long before any of these current “finger to the wind” politicians.

    First and only person ever to stand toe to toe with Nygren and call him what he was right to his face.

    Pretty sure he called out a bunch of these Good Old Boys/Girls on his ever entertaining string of websites, Palmer, Lantz, Zinke, LeFew, Rivera, Pyle, Regna (How many are indicted or locked up now? I wonder how many investigations are in progress?).

    I remember when he sat next to Nygren at the NWH and told us straight out that Nygren was “wasting/abusing” our tax money.

    Nygren couldn’t believe it.

    Wish all politicians (and people for that matter) had that guy’s courage.

  9. Yes, for sure.

    There have been reports of corruption for decades.

    In the early 90’s groups of people were gathering to exchange information at hidden meetings.

    There were judges, court appointed evaluators, lawyers that were named and there appeared to be a common thread among them.

    A court appointed evaluator working in divorce and criminal court worked for the judges, lawyers and Nygren for years, providing them exactly what they wanted to hear, even if those opinions violated APA guidelines.

    He was eventually caught by the IDPR, receiving complaints from 3 difference families and found guilty by the IDPR on at least 5 charges.

    Though, Nygren and company continued to use him in the court system and against his own deputies.

    Corruption in McHenry County goes back decades and many, many people have suffered because of it.

  10. I live in northern Virginia, but somehow or another recognized the name Keith Nygren.

    Apparently, his personal claim to fame for me was that he was a defendant in the case Stanard v. Nygren, a case that I know about solely because Stanard’s attorney, who apparently did not take the case very seriously, wrote a 345-word sentence.

    Stanard built an outdoor amphitheater and began to host public events there.

    Stanard alleged that McHenry County sheriff Keith Nygren compelled him to hire 22 of his deputies at an inflated price or else he would cut off access to the amphitheater. Furthermore, the deputies were creating a hostile environment at the amphitheater.

    So, Stanard sued Nygren, the deputies, and the county.

    P.S. I found this article while studying for the CPA exam and trying to find examples of management representation letters.

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