Senate GOP Reacts to Session

A press release from Illinois Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno:

Radogno: Democrats using gridlock to force another tax hike

Springfield, IL—On May 31, the scheduled adjournment date for the Illinois Legislature, House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton walked away from the negotiating table instead of compromising to fix the problems facing Illinois. That means the legislature will go into overtime, with a rare summer session in Springfield.

Christine Radogno

Christine Radogno and Matt Murphy

“In hockey, overtime means high stakes and a clear winner, especially in summer,” said Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont).

“In Illinois, Republicans are fighting for reform and Democrats are fighting for a tax hike.

“And overtime means that the taxpayers lose if the Democrats win.”

According to Radogno, Republicans have spent the session fighting every day for fundamental change in a state that’s losing jobs, residents, and hope for a better future. Gov. Rauner and Senate Republicans have pushed a pro-jobs reform agenda, which includes a property tax freeze, pro-jobs reforms, term limits, and redistricting reform.

“Sadly, there’s been a lot of noise and distraction from Democrat Legislators,” Radogno said, “but as a state, we still have the 3rd-worst jobs climate, the 2nd-highest property taxes, and the single biggest budget deficit. All the noise and distraction in the world can’t cover up that record.”

Democrat lawmakers voted to pass a spending plan that’s over $3 billion short of the constitutional requirement for a balanced budget, consistently calling for “additional revenue” as the only solution and refusing to compromise on Republican reforms.

At a Sunday press conference, Radogno said, “Illinois is ranking near the bottom in absolutely everything, and yet the only thing the Democrats want to talk about is another tax increase. Their demand for another tax increase is not going to happen without reform.”

Click here to watch the full remarks from Radogno’s Springfield press conference.


Senate GOP Reacts to Session — 1 Comment

  1. At what point do The People realize the magic of being the dictator is you only have to keep your minions satisfied enough to catch bullets for you and your enemies off balance enough to never unite.

    Madigan is a diabolical genius strategist.

    Giving all of his supporters what they want in a budget, even if it is $3 billion out of balance(making it completely unconstitutional), allows him to claim the moral high ground in supporting decent union wages, social services for the most venerable and completely funding road maintenance. Madigan then forces Rauner to consider where cuts need to be made to balance the budget putting the governor, and by default the Republican Party, in a trick bag.

    Madigan knows everything which needs to be cut to make the budget work.

    We are in a low inflation cycle and a negative growth cycle so he can’t even pray for salvation from those metrics so he forces the hard decisions on others to make them the scapegoats.

    This whole ridiculous line of logic only works if The People are so radically ignorant or uninvolved the story gets legs.

    They are.

    It does.

    Here we are in the state of Illinois with special interests heavily invested in overspending on the taxpayer dime, the finance industry is heavily invested in the debt, the politicos are heavily invested in getting reelected or holding their cushy jobs(thereby needing the budget imbalance as well), corporate and private interests want their welfare, farmers need their subsidies, pensions need to be paid for the year(never mind the backfill necessary from years of underfunding), the federal government relies on state debt to enslave the states to doing their will(or federal funding will dry up) and the voters show up for presidential elections(never mind off presidential year elections) in numbers less than those who watch the super bowl… This is a very potent mix of insanity which allows Madigan complete control of the state and the messaging.

    Rauner was overmatched from the beginning but he admirably has stepped into the fight and is swinging for the fences.

    Then there are conservatives who want to complain about their Republican representatives because in all this madness the reps aren’t conservative enough because they are forced to try to work across the aisle to get anything done(corruption is rampant in both parties and you are allowed righteous anger at this but quit sniping those trying to do some good).

    Madigan has made his boot licking minions happy and destroyed the reputation of his adversaries so their own supporters don’t support them.


    I don’t agree with Satan at all but I sure can appreciate his ability to execute a beautiful plan well.

    Now it is up to each and every one of you to determine where you stand and who you will stand with to the detriment or salvation of our society.

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