Bianchi Seeks 4th Term

With $115,236.82 sitting in his campaign fund, McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi has announced he is seeking a fourth term.

Bianchi has not been acting like someone who is about to retire.

For example, he was greeting constituents at this past spring’s Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Expo.

His press release is below:

Lou Bianchi Announces Campaign for Re-Election

McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi greets voters at the Crystal Lake Expo on Saturday.  Seen in the background is Assistant State's Attorney Demetri Tsilimigos.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi greets voters at the Crystal Lake Expo on Saturday. Seen in the background is Assistant State’s Attorney Demetri Tsilimigos.  Bianchi wears carnations every day to celebrate his conquering of prostrate cancer.

Lou Bianchi, in conjunction with the Committee to Re-elect Louis Bianchi, announces that he will seek re-election to the Office of McHenry County State’s Attorney in the March 2016 primary and November 2016 general election. He wants to continue serving the citizens of McHenry County to keep the community safe and a peaceful place to raise a family.

Some of his major accomplishments are:

  1. Aggressive prosecution of DUI’s and sex offenders.
  2. Providing non-violent offenders realistic rehabilitative programs such as:
    a. Initiating and creating the Mental Health Court
    b. Working with the Courts to develop the Drug and Domestic Violence Courts
    c. Establishing the “First Offender” diversion program for non-violent offenders
  3. Saving tax payers over a half-million dollars annually by handling civil suits brought against and on behalf of the County, with in-house Assistant State’s Attorneys
  4. Collecting over $1,000,000.00 (in the last 4 years) in back child support for families from delinquent spouses.
  5. Collecting over $350,000.00 in bad checks for local businesses while, at the same time, educating offenders.
  6. Working with the Circuit Court Clerk and collection agencies recovering over $890,000.00 in unpaid fines and costs.

= = = = =

Lou Bianchi

Lou Bianchi in the 2014 Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade,

In 2004, Bianchi ran in his first primary election. After announcing his candidacy, he discovered he had prostrate cancer and withdrew for a time. Having won the battle with the disease, Bianchi re-entered the race.

He was opposed by retiring State’s Attorney Gary Pack’s Chief Deputy Glenn Gable. plus Ray Flavin. Bianchi received 57.41% (16,286) of the Republican vote. Gable came in second with 9,738 votes, 34.33% of the total. Flavin got the rest (2,313 votes, 8.15%).

During the first primary Bianchi was supported by the Republican Establishment.

But, for reasons unknown, there was a falling out with leaders like McHenry County GOP Chairman Bill LeFew and Sheriff Keith Nygren.

In 2008, Bianchi was challenged by Dan Regna. Regna was strongly supported by Nygren and LeFew, plus Pack employees who had been replaced.

Nevertheless, Bianchi won 16,288-12.435 (56.71%-43.29%). Most election observers consider getting more than 55% of the vote a landslide.

Democrats fielded Thomas Cynor, a former Chairman of the McHenry County Democratic Party. Bianchi received 79,764 or 61.83% of the vote.

Subsequently, Bianchi survived two criminal indictments, winning them without even having to put on a defense, the charges were considered so weak by the judge imported from Winnebago County. Fingerprints during the prosecution pointed to involvement of the folks who supported Regna.

In 2012, Bianchi received no primary challenge and received 24,469 in the primary election. No Democrat ran either.

Lou Bianchi and Bill Prim

Lou Bianchi and Bill Prim

In 2014, Sheriff Nygren having announced his retirement, Bianchi support Bill Prim to replace his Undersheriff Andy Zinke.

In the knock down, drag out contest, Prim won.

But not by much–97 votes.

14,520 for Prim to 14,423 (50.17%-49.83%).

After the election, when the local GOP re-organized, retiring GOP Chairman Mike Tryon’s choice–Mark Daniel–was bested by County Board member Sandra Salgado, who is the daughter of Ron Salgado, Bianchi’s long-time campaign honcho.

Along with the press release came the following list of convictions and sentences:

Bianchi Crime Stats 1  6-15Bianchi Crime Stats 2  6-15


Bianchi Seeks 4th Term — 29 Comments

  1. He deserves a second term simply because he drove Pack out of office.

    Everything else is gravy.

  2. He deserves a third term simply because he made promises and kept them!

    Thank you Lou!

  3. I’ll wait to see if there is a challenger worth a …., change is good sometimes as politician’s often get into a rut of self serving.

  4. Lou deserves another term because he is a statesman and not a politician.

    Nob, Lou is the best that McHenry County has to offer for State’s Attorney.

  5. It never hurts to see what else is available.

    Blinders got us a 18T fed debt don’t ya know.

  6. The awful mess this county and state have been it is tough to support any long term incumbent until you at least see if there is some outsider new blood not beholden to the same old power brokers.

  7. I see Lou has announced he will be seeking another term as our States Attorney.

    I don’t know Lou all that well, but we have met on a few occasions at some functions. I think he is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

    Not to be over looked, is Lou’s wife Jean. What an incredibly strong, beautiful woman. ( I think we both out did ourselves with our wives Mr. States Attorney.)

    Parades just would not seem the same without seeing Jean right by Lou’s side. Like most men in a position of dealing with the public, a strong support system must be in place or we could never do the things we do.

    Same goes for you gal’s too!!

    Thank you to all the good people who are now in place and to those out there willing to push forward.

    I believe the good Lord is shining down on McHenry County “these” days!

    I agree with ‘butseriouslynow,’ but, in this case, like Mr. Hanlon stated, Lou is a statesman, not a politician. He doesn’t have that ‘political’ feel when you visit with him in person. He is just a guy out there doing his job and being very nice in the process.

    I believe we are very lucky that Mr. Bianchi has made this decision. I’m sure it did not come easy for he and his family after all the things he had been put through.

    God has a way of making things right!

  8. I agree with you Dave, the light is there for all to see some hope.

  9. Way to go LOU!!!!

    He is a class act.

    We need more people in office like LOU.

  10. I personally like Lou and I believe he is an honest man.

    But I do have to say that he has one prosecutor that I can only compare to out favorite Florida resident.

    When an individual puts his career and his own self interest before justice and truth we end up “Gary Gauger” scenarios.

    The “self-confessed” killer of Brian Carrick was allowed to walk and continue with his criminal endeavors; the last of which involved selling firearms that were then used in more criminal activity.

    Where is the accountability in this debacle?

    There is none.

  11. The plea was necessary to put the mastermind, Papa’s little kumquat, in jail.

    Because the family supported the local Combine, they figured they could skate on the murder and the coverups.

    I saw these dirty hippocrits standing with Mr and Mrs Carrick in the parking lot at the prayer vigil, probably knowing what had happened and sanctimoniously bowing their heads.

    And I saw 2 devastated parents also.

    The murder wouldn’t have happened with out Papa’s little Kumquat’s order.

    So, the plea bargain was necessary to convict the mastermind.

    To all the Johnsburgers who are still sore that their drug supply line was interrupted, Ouf Da!!!

  12. Thank you Duncan.

    I am 100% Swede.

    I was quoting a Norwegian term, because Swedes don’t talk like that.

  13. Nice to seen Bianchi running for another term.

    He is a well liked guy with a huge following.

    With Prim and Bianchi in place, the people can be hopeful for reform in government.

  14. funny to see these comments compared to the NWH comments totally different Vibe…

    more realistic of what should really take place…

  15. The Nob and Joe, Anyone that would run against Lou Bianchi for State’s Attorney would be a fool, no one can compare.

    Perhaps you are referring to a certain arrogant person who saved big signs from his last failed run for office in another category.

    Please spare yourself from THAT embarrassment again.

    Lou is the best person for the job !

    I’m voting for Lou.

  16. That big shock jock, buffoon, is not capable of paving the way for reform in our County.

    While, the community has created positive change in government through the power of the vote, he would only prove to be a hindrance.

  17. “Charles Nelson” is it true you worked for Nunda and Brian Carrick’s mother was once your secretary?

    Just asking?

    Many people have sent information, to me, about that little piece of trivia.

    They have also sent me information about those boys in blue from the Johnsburg Police Department.

    Don’t worry, though, it was only information on the dirty ones.

    They best clean up their act over there.

    Hmmmmmmm….it is clearly one big fat “UFF DA!”

    It is just not looking good for them!

  18. @Happy Trails, if you’re talking about electability, anybody who runs against Jack Franks would be a fool too, yet Republicans are okay with Franks being challenged. What about all the calls for term limits? Do we ignore that because he’s not in a legislative capacity? We are talking about a 4th 4 year term here.

  19. Happy Trails you have a very negative attitude about the large quantity of talented people that live in this county.

    Lou just like anybody can be replaced in a heart beat and no one would even notice.

    Competition for that position is needed, politicians, and yes Lou is one, shouldn’t run unopposed.

    That makes them lazy and often makes them more self serving.


  20. Like everyone has said, No one can compare to Lou and his great Assistant States Attorneys and there is now a good working relationship with the new Sheriff.

    If it ain’t broke why fix it.

    Oh Happy, please lets not bring up ” Raising the Bar” again.

    l.o.l. l.o.l.

  21. Joe, All I am talking about is the best man for the job of State’s Attorney…….not legislative term limits.

    Nob, I know that there are qualified and talented people to run against Lou, if they choose, but I was just referring to one in particular that should not bother……

    Qualified people should run against Lou….but, I believe he is the best choice.

    I do not have a negative attitude toward all others….

    I guess you didn’t understand my point or the person I am referring to, whose only motive would be revenge………


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