Downtown CL Parking Woes

Brink Street Parking Lot Construction to Begin June 9

Construction on the parking lot at the southeast corner of Brink Street and Grant Street, behind the Brink Street Market in Downtown Crystal Lake, will begin June 9, 2015.

Parking problems in Downtown Crystal Lake.

Parking problems in Downtown Crystal Lake.

The improvement will completely overhaul the parking lot, and makes more efficient use of the area, improves traffic circulation, and enhances customer amenities.

The reconstructed parking lot:

    • Reconfigures the parking spaces to add 10 parking spaces.
    • Provides three 15-minute parking spaces for customers’ convenience.
    • Provides a larger outdoor seating area at the northeast corner.
    • Upgrades the existing street light cabinet and provides specific outlets for downtown events.
    • Lowers the existing grade at the northwest corner to reduce the existing parking lot slope.
    • Provides a seat wall along the west edge of the parking lot to be used during events.
    • Improves the existing landscaping within and around the parking lot.

The construction is expected to last six weeks, weather permitting.

The entire parking lot will be closed to ensure the safety of visitors to the area, lessen the chance of customer vehicle damage, and provide for a quicker and more cohesive construction project.

By closing the parking lot entirely, the project can be completed faster, is more economical, and will ensure a great final product.

Public parking during construction will be available in the two lots directly west of the Brink Street parking lot. Special signage will be placed at the appropriate places downtown to direct people to available parking lots. A map is attached for reference.

To follow the project as it progresses during construction, please visit the City’s website at Updates can be found under the “Road Construction Projects” page.


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