Hastert Case Reminding Me of Marty Wilson

The sister of one of Denny Hastert’s students says that the teacher and coach introduced her brother to homosexual relations.

The brother died of AIDS.

Although the Crystal Lake Park Board won't allow signs on park district property in front of a polling place on election day, Crystal Lake's Grade School District 47 seemed to have no problem with the concept today.

Lundahl Middle School in Crystal Lake.

That reminds me of what Virgil Laughlin, a principal at Lundahl Junior High School in Crystal Lake did to Marty Wilson.

Wilson was one of his students.

He told me he was molested in the principal’s office.

He told me that he was taken to a rest stop on Route 47 south of Route 72 for homosexual encounters.

That was in the 1970’s.

Wilson died of AIDS in the 1990’s.

Later IDOT tore the rest stop down.

I can only guess that the use of the site was the reason for the demolition.

A home now sits on the site.

Laughlin was allowed to move to Nebraska without prosecution.

I think educators call the practice “passing the trash.”

But that move out of state stopped the clock on the statute of limitations for Laughlin.

When he returned to Illinois, he was indicted.

The result was a 4 1/2 year sentence.

During the trial he said he was sorry for the victims and their families.

Since Hastert did not leave Illinois, the statute of limitations on any similar crime involving him has expired.


Hastert Case Reminding Me of Marty Wilson — 10 Comments

  1. Once a child molester always a child molester unless he had intensive counseling.

    I think much more cases will surface and it is not only him but other teachers and people in high offices or authority positions who abuse their authority.

    The sick thing is abuse against a minor should never expire as they are not adults and therefor cannot give consent.

    People don’t talk about incest and abuse suffered by minors and when they want to take birth control or a morning after pill they are indicted instead of the abuser.

  2. Karma you are right on so many counts here.

    But, just for info sake – the morning after pill is a SERIES of pills taken over days.

    They consist of high doses of hormones.

    This is very dangerous and not healthy.

  3. http://qz.com/422802/proof-that-things-havent-changed-much-for-women-in-tech-in-three-photos/regnancy is dangerous too.

    It is especially dangerous if you are an underage girl who has a body that is not fully developed.

    There is a case in Paraguay which is a highly religious Catholic country.


    Incest happens here also along with child prostitution.

  4. This subject of educator sexual misconduct needs more focus in Illinois.

    Consider all the players involved.

    Illinois General Assembly (ILGA i.e. State Senators and State Representatives), Governors, teachers, administrators, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), the US Department of Education (US DOE), the school districts, the special education cooperatives, the Area Career Centers (ACC), the Regional Offices of Education (ROE), Community Colleges, public Universities, US Senators, US Representatives, parents, caregivers, students, police, lawyers, judges, and more all have a role in the mess.

    A surprising number of kids are sexually abused by educators in and out of the school building and that spans the gamut from sexual intercourse, oral sex, inappropriate touching, male teacher / female student, female teacher / male student, male teacher / male student, female teacher / female student; and all sorts of other associated crimes such as child pornography photos and videos.

    How does it happen?

    Sometimes educators become attached to kids and vice versa.

    Some educators “groom” students into the inappropriate act over time, with the child and others not realizing what is occurring.

    Once caught, there is a process to revoke the teaching or administrator certificate.

    Specifically, the ISBE State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board (SEPLB), formerly the State Teacher Certification Board (STCB), and its board members, are involved in the process.

    The Educator Licensure Division of the board revokes and reinstates certificates; there are various reasons an educator’s license can be revoked, not limited to just sexual misconduct, they may reference Section 21B-45 (Educator Licensure Renewal) or 21B-75 (Suspension or Revocation of License) or 21B-80 (Conviction of certain offenses as grounds for revocation of license) of the Illinois School Code, and it’s not always a black and white decision; sometimes a “Hearing Officer” is involved and a “Hearing” takes place may which result in a “Consent Order.”

    The practice of allowing an educator to resign and obtain another job in another district is called passing the trash.

    There are many reasons for it.

    Depending on the circumstances, it can take two years for a school teacher to fire an educator, primarily due to state law.

    Educators will counter this is to protect them from false accusations, and that administrators get rid of qualified educators just because they don’t like them sometimes even with the laws in place, points with some merit.

    In the US alone, there were over around 781 cases last year according to Terry Abbott, and that is just one guy trying to figure out the scope of the problem.

    The Catholic Church has done a much better job than public education of addressing the issue; for instance the kids in religious education in the Catholic Church receive much more training on the issue than what the public schools provide.

    The public education system has made some strides.

    Unfortunately legislators and governors have been busier over the years passing legislative pension benefit hiking legislation, than legislation to protect children from educator sexual misconduct.

    Maybe the Hastert incident, if proven true, will spark further reforms.

    Here is some reading material.

    Chicago Tribune

    Illinois system fails to protect students from abuse
    Tribune investigation finds numerous factors allow bad teachers to remain in the classroom

    August 25, 2013

    By Diane Rado and Christy Gutowski,


    Associated Press

    2007 series, Sexual Misconduct Plagues American Schools.

    Hidden Violations

    Scott Reeder

    Hidden Cost of Tenure

    Scott Reeder

    Education Week
    1998 series
    A Trust Betrayed


    The Educators convicted of sexual misconduct usually end up on the Illinois State Police Sex Offender Registry.


    Sometimes the perpetrator is not deemed a sex offender and thus do not have to register on the registry, the allowable discretion by the judge varies by the exact crime for which the perpetrator is found guilty.


    The Illinois State Board of Education usually revokes their teacher / administrators certificate.

    ISBE’s Educator Lookup Information System (ELIS) allows the public to search by educator name to determine if the license is valid, revoked, or expired.


    The Illinois Department of Corrections Inmate Search allows one to search by inmate name to view some details of the conviction and prison sentence.



    Most counties have an online Court Case Lookup system so public can view basic information on the status of accused persons.


    The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) often investigates suspected educator sexual misconduct cases and has a “Manual for Mandated Reporters” the most current edition being May 2015.

    Erin’s Law

    Erin Merryn was raised and lives in Illinois.

    She wwas a victim of childhood sexual abuse by relatives (did not involve public schools).

    Senate Bill 2843 (SB 2843) which was signed by Pat Quinn into Public Act 96-1524 (PA 96-1254) on February 14, 2011.

    House Bill 6193 (HB 6193) which was signed by Pat Quinn into Public Act 97-1147 (PA 97-1147) on January 24, 2013.

    Those laws focused more efforts on sexual crimes against children overall, not limited to educators.



    Terry Abbott

    Child Sexual Exploitation
    Five Categories of Child Sex Offenders
    by Jim Clemente


    Stop Educator Sexual Abuse Misconduct and Exploitation (SESAME)




    Terry Abbot tracked educator sexual misconduct cases in the United States in 2014 and found 781 or so cases.



    S.474 – Protecting Students from Sexual and Violent Predators Act 114th US Congress (2015-2016)


    Previous iteration of the bill.

    HR 2083 (Protecting Students from Sexual and Violent Predators Act) in the US Congress passed the House but not the Senate.


    U.S. Department of Education

    DOC # 2004-09

    Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature

    Prepared for the U.S. Department of Education Office of the Under Secretary, Policy and Program Studies Service

    By Charol Shakeshaft

    Hofstra University and Interactive, Inc.
    Huntington, NY


  5. I pray the creepers have all left their positions at Lundahl, as of the 90’s there were a few left with some pretty icky habits . . . like a teacher from upstairs going down to shower with the boys.

    See if Cal will publish the names of the teachers hired by Laughlin, that was some list.

    The fact that Laughlin apologized to the victims and their families . . .

    there was more than Marty.

  6. There was a real pervert who was a substitute P.E. teacher…

    He would make us all take showers after class, and he was ‘kind enough’ to stand in the shower area handing out towels to each of us as we got out of the shower.

    He had little comments to make to each boy as they exited the shower and took a towel from his hand.

    If all of us knew about this behavior, you know we all were talking about it in wide open, how is it that administrators never caught wind of it and got rid of these pedophiles?

    I guess Cal’s story just answered this question.

    It is because within the school system, are MANY other pedophiles.

    If I were a parent of an abused child, I have to be honest.

    The perp would not ever again have any use his sex organ.

  7. I forgot to add… the occurrence above happened in 1972-74 at Lundahl Middle School in Crystal Lake.

  8. Besides the issue of Hastert beig a sick pervert; where does he get 3.5 million for a payoff, and, of course, his spread in Wisconsin?

    Politics and “lobbying”?

    wonder if he has some benefactor out there with this kind of cash.

    Makes me sick we’re paying this guy’s pension, and many others who fly under the radar.

  9. Considering the very lenient sentence imposed on Monday for a convicted offender, one can only assume that very little has changed in McHenry County.

    Like they say – money talks… etc… etc…

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