Judicial Musical Chairs

Gordon Graham

Gordon Graham

First Circuit Court Judge Gordon Graham announced his retirement as of early September.

Michael Feetterer

Michael Feetterer

Now word at the McHenry County Courthouse is that Associate Judge Robert K. Beaderstadt, who handles criminal cases, is going to retire on June 30th.

Here are the traditional rules:

  1. Try to move one of the associate judges to the full circuit court post.
  2. Appoint someone else the the vacant associate post.

That’s what happened when Associate Judge Michael Feetterer was appointed by this district’s Supreme Court Justice Robert Thomas in 2012.

The other Circuit Court Judges seemed to be all in favor of Feetterer’s promotion.

But he had to run for election after he was appointed by Supreme Court Justice Robert Thomas.

No one ran against him for the subcircuit seat that was based in Nunda and McHenry Township.

The election to replace Graham, however, will be countywide.

I have speculated previously that a successful attorney who is not now an Associate Judge might decide to run in the Republican Primary Election and that a $100,000 to $200,000 campaign fund would make such a person competitive…even if the sitting judges were not supportive of such an outsider.


Judicial Musical Chairs — 10 Comments

  1. Keep watching how the SA is trying to control the building!

    Watch very closely and remember- you thought you had a problem with Nygrens people?

    Could be wrong here,but………….

  2. Feetterer is a good man.

    Gordon was a dolt.

    Such a switch would be great for our county.

  3. I understand that Demetri Tsilimigras told the Circuit Judges he was going to run for judge.

    But as an Assistant States Attorney, I doubt he can fund the campaign himself he would need and would receive Lou’s support.

    So it appears that Cal’s speculation has to be another attorney that is not part of the old guard.

    The problem with Cal’s report is if this attorney is not favored by the current judges then the Attorney would need support from the Chief Justice and perhaps the anti union Gov. Rauner.

  4. I agree that Feetterer would be and will be a great choice; but I also think that DT mentioned above will be and is the person Cal is talking about as being the other attorney.

    His will have the storng backing of Mr. Bianchi and his ability to raise funds for a run at the job.

    As said before, watch this very carefully

  5. AZ supporter, Judge Feeterer is already a full circuit judge right now!

    So it is illogical that he would be a great choice.

    He was already elected.

    So what local lawyer is out there that would be independent from old guard group.

    Since your an AZ supporter it’s likely someone you don’t hang out with the attorney cal is referencing.

    So if you were at Zinkies election night party eliminate everyone that was there.

    There is Gottemoller, Donahue, Facchini, Coppage, Hanlon and DT.

    I’m sure there are others but those fit Cal’s description. Each with pro and cons.

    Joe is campaigning for county board pres so it’s unlikely he would accept an appointment.

    Donahue is not political and is raking it in.

    Coppage got shot down several times so he is a possibility but his firm is connected to many municipalities.

    Hanlon also got shot down once.

    DT got shot down several times.

    Any of those guys would make good judges.

  6. Yes, Feetterer is already.

    However he will run to be retained, and DT may run against him; that was my point.

    DT gas SA backing and I’m told WANTS to be a judge.

  7. I now stand corrected.

    I had forgotten that a Circuit Judge mearly runs on a ballot as “Should he/she or should he/she not be retained” in the position.

    After reading the paper again I see that no one can run against Feetterer as a circuit- DT still could apply as an associate judge, OR he could petition the Chief Justice for a Circuit position to be assigned to him much like another Judge in the past.

    Sorry for posting mis-information before now.

  8. AZ we all forgive you for an honest mistake.

    At least you maned up over it.

    So be kind next time another posts an error.

    Avoid dum dum comments, its unbecoming.

    The problem with DT is that you say “DT” because you can’t pronounce or spell his name making it more difficult.

    If joe is out, and Donahue is out, it’s likely Donahue’s staff won’t risk it, so that narrows it.

    Is there any connection between either Coppage or Hanlon and Justice Thomas?

    I would venture a guess that DT, Coppage, and Hanlon would run if they want it.

    Anyone know if Coppage or Hanlon get along with Lou?

    Both could have a significant war chest.

    Also why does Cal think that an outside attorney would be considered over Cowlin?

    If Cowlin runs and loses does he keep his AJ position?

    I think he does but does the circuit back him?

    DT is definitely going to run if it’s Cowlin crowned.

  9. MY understanding is that if a circuit runs and looses, he/she is out of a job.

    Don’t quote me, but I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

    And sorry, but Dum Dum just gets my blood going. He/she doesn’t like me, and the feeling is mutual.

    And for those interested (or not) AZsupporter refers to Jan Brewer, Gov. of Arizona. I DID back Zinke, but it just happens to be same initials.

    As with Ripley, “Believe It or Not”

  10. I can’t believe Feeterer is a judge.

    What a goob.

    Several of us suffered from his moronic decisions.

    At great expense returned to court years later to get his decision overturned by a smarter judge.

    He is your typical lawyer that would fail miserably with his own practice.

    What the heck…get a steady paycheck and create more carnage as a judge.

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