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At one point there were three Copley Roofing trucks in my driveway.

At one point there were three Copley Roofing trucks in my driveway.  That was when insulation was being blown in.

Charles Copley Roofing was out to our home replacing a couple roof panels last week.

Not only was there hail damage, but during the winter it was obvious that heat was escaping.

First, the crew ripped off the shingles.

The roof was stripped to the bare boards.  No plywood on a house as old as ours.

The roof was stripped to the bare boards. No plywood on a house as old as ours.

Once the men got down to the wood planking put on in the late 1920’s, they pulled a couple off at the top and found the old insulation–probably shredded newspaper–was quite compressed.

Copley insulationSo, they blew in all sorts insulation.

Early in the roofing process.

While the insulation was being blow in, others were applying the tar paper. Charles Copley made sure everything went as it should.

After the valley was protected from ice problems, one inch of Styrofoam was applied with shingles on top.

The heavy packages of shingles were lifted by hand.

The heavy packages of shingles were lifted by hand.

No machine lifted the shingles.

Early in the re-roofing process.

After the foam was nailed on, the new shingles were applied.

We drew the boss himself, who supervised not only the roofing job one day.

And the gutters another day.

The ones above the garage have needed repair since the hickory tree on the Lakewood village right-of-way, impaired by a previous lightning strike, fell between the house and the lantern pole.

Now, they the six-inch gutters will take any rain that Mother Nature can produce.

Another crew installed the six-inch gutters on another day.

Another crew installed the six-inch gutters on another day.

Note that Charles Copley is doing something in the back of his truck, present to make sure the way he designed the new run-off water flow was installed correctly.

There is a reason Copley Roofing has such a good reputation.

It’s the work of and training by its founder, Charles Copley.


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  1. karma -not allowed to. When people register to vote, you cannot ask for id or about their status anymore, in Illinois.

  2. Who cares about voting, I am asking about people in McHenry County who use illegals to do landscaping roofing etc to get cheaper prices. Are all these people here legally? That is one thing everyone should ask when they get work done. If not jobs are being taken away from Americans and people here legally.

  3. Republicans and businesses brought illegals here for years to get cheap labor and now they are complaining about Obama.

    It is the responsibility of people to find out who they are hiring, not complain about illegals and no jobs on one hand but hire illegals on another.

  4. The NOb just because they do good work doesn’t answer the question if they ever hire illegals.

  5. I’ll say one thing,at least they are working and paying taxes rather than collecting unemployment and sitting on their butts.

  6. Then why are republican congressmen making a big deal about illegals.

    Aren’t they representing you?

    Maybe young white Americans should be working but they all think they are going to college and get some cushy executive job. There are no real jobs left in this country except service jobs and when they pass these trade agreements we will have Vietnames here who make 53 cent per hour.

    Also voter you want illegals paying into taxes and social security but you don’t want them to get benefits and be treated right.

  7. Wow Karma making some grand generalizations, not like a democrat to insinuate that all hispanics are illegal.

    My college graduate just got a job selling medical equipment for a large multinational hospital supply co.

    There’s nothing wrong with going to or sending your kids to college.

    My son works construction so does Copley’s.

    There are a lot of white men laboring on Rt 176 and 14.

    Any worker paying into social security and other taxes is certainly entitled to the benefits of that.

    I think the beef is illegals coming into country and having babies here, getting free medical care, food stamps etc., when they have not been paying taxes here.

    And driving without licenses and insurance and killing or disabling others.

    I think that only the disabled should receive long term benefits.

    What we have done for the poor in the last 20 years is not working, I don’t have the answer but a lifetime of food stamps and freebies isn’t it.

  8. People may refrain from asking immigration status questions because they fear being labelled racist by people such as Louis Gutieriez, Carlos Acosta and other Democrats.

    If the President would quit interfering with Border Patrol agents doing their job we would not have to worry about whether or not people are here legally.

    Employers in the U.S.A. should not be delegated to enforce immigration laws other then ensuring I-9 forms are completed and maintained.

  9. I don’t think all Hispanics, or Russians, or Polish or anything else are illegals.

    I do know that businesses don’t check not even all union businesses.

    There hasn’t been a redistribution of income upwards to the top 2% by giving people born here and legally here jobs that pay a decent wage.

    All illegals did drive without licenses until democrats said licenses would at least keep track of them and hold their driving accountable. How come the middle class is becoming poor?

    It is not food stamps it is corporate welfare where companies pollute and cheat and never go to jail or pay back the entire amount.

    It is time for each of us to be accountable.

    Where is Mr Copley commenting about if he checks if all his laborers are here legally?

    E verify. According to connecting the dots employers should take in the profits and not be responsible to check.

    At least TPA was voted down in the house today because they took food labeling away yesterday when they stated even if meat has usda on it can be mixed meat from several countries.

    Bust republicans hate regulations and lawyers except when they brought Bush vs Gore to the Supreme Court ( oh I forgot they hat court making rulings and overriding laws) and they will be the first ones with lawsuits when they die from tainted meat.

  10. Karma you’re misquoting, the comment was beyond insuring that I-9 forms are on file, meaning proof of identity, that’s the end of the burden on employers.

    As far as Copley defending himself here, hard to believe but not everyone is checking this blog non stop.

  11. I think it’s great to promote local businesses who provide quality workmansip and materials, such as Copleys.

    A few years ago, I already had a licensed roofer engaged, but purchased my shingles from Copleys.

    Their salesperson was patient and extremely helpful to me durng my selection.

    The shingles were of excellent quality, worth every penny.

    Besides, Cal, walking your readers through the re-roofing job was really quite interesting.

    A bit like “This Old House.”

  12. karma, I made a general comment about the quality and pricing.

    Try reading for comrehension and stop throwing rocks.

  13. Copley charges through the roof!

    Did ins. cover any of the remodeling?

  14. Love the pun OldMan…Karma, why does Mr. Copley have to do anything to answer to you?

    He just did a job, and Cal documented it….that is all it was about…..If the workers were Russian or Ukranian, I am guessig you would not have made a comment…regardless of their legal status..

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