Tina Hill on the Reservation

You’ve heard of politicians being “off the reservation.”

Tina Hill poses in front of a homemade sign for

Tina Hill poses in front of a homemade sign for tribal President Dwight Spotted Tail.

I’m sure when State Rep. David McSweeney voted for Jack Franks’ property tax freeze, House GOP leaders were thinking thoughts like that.

Other homemade signs for

Other homemade signs for Morales for Antelope Representative and Muriel Rst for Treasurer.

Now we have evidence of a McHenry County politicians definitely being “on the reservation.”

With the Crystal Lake St. Mary’s Episcopalian, Hill was on a mission trip to┬áRosebud Souix Tribe in South Dakota, repairing Habitat for Humanity homes on the reservation.

“They are in the midst of electing a new president for their tribal council,” Hill wrote, “so I am seeing handmade campaign signs.

“Big drama of alleged corruption of sitting president.

“Google Todd County SD Tribune for the story.”


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  1. As she was working for Habitat for Humanity, will she recuse herself from future votes involving that religious group when they apply for HOME and / or CDBG funding?

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