Part 5 – Who’s Got What

Chadwick, SaschaRecent write-in candidate for Mayor of Crystal Lake, Sascha Chadwick, has some money left over from that April contest–$2,257.10.

He spent about twice that money on the campaign in which he received 997 votes to incumbent Aaron Shepley’s 2,433.

The percentage spread was 69.67% to 28.55%.

Chadwick loaned himself $4,500.

Mayor Aaron Shepley spent about $7,200 to put himself on the track to serve twenty years.

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Part 5 – Who’s Got What — 1 Comment

  1. Chadwick will win if he is on the ballot next time.

    We are dying to have new leadership.

    Crystal Lake is ADVERSARIAL to businesses – the very businesses that pay the taxes to support city hall.

    City Hall dumps on their own taxpayers….in so many ways.

    Chadwick just has to run and campaign on the reality that CL is a bureaucratically failing sloth.

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