Advocate on Centegra Turf

Driving on a road I don’t usually take, I found the following surprise in McHenry.

A physicians' practice that previously had been associated with Centegra, now has joined Advocate.

A physicians’ practice that previously had been associated with Centegra, now has joined Advocate.

My guess this is a result of the fallout from Dr. Bill Dam’s efforts to return the governance of Centegra to the community-based control when he entered practice in McHenry and western Lake Counties.


Advocate on Centegra Turf — 3 Comments

  1. That building is at 633 Ridgeview Drive, McHenry.

    Ridgeview extends south off Bull Valley Road, just to the west of the Centegra Hospital (formerly Northern Illinois Medical Center) in McHenry.

    Mercy Health System

    Hard to keep track in healthcare who is affiliated with whom or what.

  2. What free market?!!

    In Illinois, you could not open a hospital if you had money to waste.

    For years Mercy has been trying to build a hospital in Crystal Lake, the most populous city in the county, without success.

    Here’s how Illinois’ free market works:

    If someone wants to build a hospital, they must first get a “CON” – a “Certificate of need.”

    A CON is issued by an entity called “Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board.”

    How they decide where and when to build a hospital is not clear to me.

    Take the instance of Centegra’s Huntley hospital: Centegra had plenty of empty beds between the 2 hospitals in Woodstock and McHenry. They did not really need a new building. However, a new building allows them to do two things:

    1. Postpone Mercy’s building of a Crystal Lake hospital indefinitely

    2. Issue bonds, in other words open a new credit card to cover the current operating losses.

    Why the “Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board” went along with this nonsense – I don’t know.

    But it is far from a free market situation.

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