Using Newspapers for Campaigns

Looking at the circulation figures of USSPI I found an interesting factoid.

Look at the table below:
Circulation Metro Counties 5-15
Focus in on the McHenry County line.

110,000 households.

The information shows what percentage of the households receive the Chicago Sun-Times and Tribune and, then, I guess all newspapers distributed in McHenry County:

  • 2.5% – Chicago Sun-Times
  • 11.8% – Chicago Tribune
  • 24.9% – all papers

So, if a candidate wants to reach almost 25% of the households in McHenry County, he or she would reach only 25% of the people.

Now, one could argue that that those 25% of households may contain most of the voters.

Remember only 11% of the people turned out for the local April elections when people who level about 90% of the taxes were elected.

But it should be clear to any campaign manager that other modes of communication must be used.

That’s why there is so much direct mail.


Using Newspapers for Campaigns — 1 Comment

  1. 25% receive a newspaper but how many read ONLY the sport pages?

    When I make a visit to a local clinic which has plenty of newspapers available every day, I watch to see what most people read – the sports section.

    Very few people read the ads in the paper.

    Some people do monitor the ad inserts.

    We require public notices be placed in a newspaper but how many people read them?

    I suggest very few to none.

    Every year townships publish financial details for the year, have you ever read yours?

    There is only one sure way for politicians to campaign – personal contact.

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