That RedTail Cemetery Idea

RedTail golf carts head in.

RedTail golf carts head in.

Some folks don’t take my idea that money could be raised to save Lakewood’s RedTail Golf Club by allowing people and pets to be buried there.

I argue that the biggest expense for cemeteries is grounds maintenance.

Lakewood already provides that for most of the golf course.

There are two lots, I have told, that could be sold off.

I feel certain that more money could be made by selling cemetery plots than by allowing them to be built upon.

Now comes the Chicago Sun-Times on June 10, 2015, with what probably is something picked up from USA Today.

Pets and people are buried in this German cemetery.

Pets and people are buried in this German cemetery.

It talks about people and their pets being buried at a cemetery in Braubach-Dachsenhausen, Germany.

You will note there is a tombstone flat on the ground.

And there are flowers.

I would suggest similar tombstones, but not allowing anything to disrupt the view of the course, that is, no flowers.

My guess is that people surrounding RedTail will think this is not so good an idea.

With RedTail’s finances in pretty much a death spiral, maybe they will change their opinions.

While operating costs may be in more or less of a break even mode (if one ignores the administrative spending subsidy coming out of the General Fund), no one can deny that there is insufficient money for capital expenditures.

And money to build a clubhouse.


So, I suggest its time to spend some time determining how much a cemetery could bring in RedTail’s coffers.

Money is certainly not going to come from taxpayers throughout Lakewood.


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